COBOL sp2 by EasiRun Europe, a design and EntwicklerWerkzeug for COBOL programmers. Fast, easy and accurate masks and GUI build and integrate COBOL programs. With the COBOL sp2 product, the EasiRun Europe GmbH the COBOL programming is a design and development tool, with the character masks or graphical user interfaces (GUI) can be built and integrated quickly and easily into COBOL programs. Benefits * GUI development – without having to learn new languages (COBOL API) * COBOL BHI * platform-independent + Compilerunabhangig * automatically given client/server capability for Windows than Linux, UNIX, DEC VMS and iSeries Server * easy migration to other operating systems and platforms * all current Microsoft Windows operating systems are supported * Zeichenorientiert on UNIX and graphically on a Windows * support for ActiveX and OLE * email through SMTP * reduced maintenance + increased productivity details:../SP2.Flyer.pdf. Since a short time is the version 5 for sp2 and sp2 thin client available. You can look forward to a designer, with which the applications are designed more effectively. The lifting of the bounds of the data expected by many users, also is included in the new version and will considerably facilitate the work. Read details about the new features and enhancements over the previous version here:… Gerald Weissmann, MD addresses the importance of the matter here. Demo20-2_PC.pdf.