CSM: How can I improve so my chances of studying at UC? BD: It has significantly better conditions studied to be accepted to a UC and to complete a degree if you already at a California Community College (CCC). “One often hears of the 2 + 2-system”, when there is talk of changing from a two-year Community College to a four-year University. Because: Two years in a CCC plus two years at UC is the Bachelor’s degree. Students who move from a CCC at the UC, get to the same conclusion just as if they had completed the entire four-year study at UC. CSM: Is there a guarantee that after completion of two years of a CCC at a UC to be adopted? BD: Some UCs have the transfer admission guarantee (TAG) an agreement solely for CCC students who want to go to a UC.

That is, if it at least 60 points achieved to create that which cannot provide the required average grade most in 2 years, and meets the admission conditions, guarantee a place on a UC is campus one. CSM: but at the UC Berkeley or UCLA I can still directly apply or not? BD: But yes! Over 22 percent of UC Berkeley and 31 percent of UCLA students have changed during the study period, i.e. they are transfer students. Due to the fact that a franchise is granted CCC graduates, the vast majority of the changing within the studies students of CCCs. CSM comes: there are only TAGs from the CCCs of the University of California? BD: The CCCs have arrangements with the California State universities, such as of the San Francisco State University, San Diego State and San Jose State University. Many CCCs mediation agreements with private universities, such as the University of Southern California, the University of San also Francisco, and the University of the Pacific.