LEGO for adults: cheap building by building in power when the dream finally of homeownership to be realized after years of saving and great planning, the question arises after a possible low-cost practical implementation. Many builders have the desire to help the construction of development House itself, to keep the monthly double burden of rent and loan repayments as low as possible in the process. In house construction in power, you can save lots of money. This power is limited but usually only on the Interior and the spatula – painting. EPI GmbH it is now possible, even more power to provide by the client produced his Ausbauhaus in the EPI home manufacture yourself under professional guidance.

This is like LEGO for adults and reduces construction costs several thousand euro. Another advantage and a very special experience: Building owners identify particularly with the home that they themselves have built. The idea behind the motto itself is the man ‘: the Client helps directly in production mode to install the components for the Ausbauhaus solid wood. We show exactly how to LEGO for adults”, so Franz Peitz, Managing Director of EPI GmbH. Everything the Builder for the construction of houses in power should bring, are two weeks holiday and three friends as a helper. Who wants to build his Ausbauhaus itself, saves on average more than 20,000 euros alone until the construction of the building shell,”says the learned master of concrete construction promises. In detail, the Builder reduces its costs around 40 euro per working hour.

If the manufacturing and construction nearly 14 days and three helpers support, the high potential of savings arises as saying. “If builders home construction in power ‘ listen, they are often deterred”, white Christian Peitz, Junior Chef of the EPI GmbH. often associated the construction of a house in power failures, bad luck and breakdowns in connection. As a result, that builders buy expensive a professional expertise, which must not simply be.” Because experienced trade professional needs to be no one to build an Ausbauhaus provided specialized construction professionals guide the complete production and construction projects from A to Z. And such is the case of EPI GmbH. The client and his assistants perform when building a house in power immediately after the plan of building professionals the tasks and work hand in hand for the goal: carcass in 14 days. With the concept of Ausbauhaus in its own performance, the EPI GmbH is considered a pioneer in the market. In the foreground, also a special experience is in addition to the high savings potential by building equity performance. Builders experience, how to create the Ausbauhaus in detail. We know that builders due to the high savings factor come to us and recommend us to others because of the high fun factor”, Franz Peitz is pleased. This is also the central production in the EPI House manufactory. Construction professionals, Builder and construction helpers is located in a large hall, where seven days strong is made on the Ausbauhaus. The feeling and experience, having produced and set up a finished House itself is unique. Something very special is it but, if seen as a building professional, how well the builders and helpers work together in the production of solid wood walls and carry out a project that will keep your life in exciting memory”, enthuses Peitz.