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Washing Machine

According to the type of in question failure, to learn how to fix a washing machine it can be more or less complicated. How to fix a washing machine, if the failure is in programmer One of the most current failures usually happens in the programmer, since it is constituted by a great number of commutators that they activate to the other electrical components of the machine. The programmer essentially is trained by two clearly differentiable parts: first she is the formed one by the commutators. We will recognize that it is damaged when we turned the control of the programmer and electrovlvula is not connected to load water or the motor that rotates the drum. (Similarly see: Richard Linklater). In this case we must replace it. Not to mistake us in the position of each cable we will go one by one connecting the terminals to the new programmer as we are disconnecting of the old man and. The second part is the motor with a small reducing group of pinions that rotates the programmer passage by step. If the motor burning fire we will know because to the programmer tour to it automatically not to happen from an A stage another one of washing. You may wish to learn more. If so, film director is the place to go.

We can change the motor, that will leave to us with difference economic than to change the whole programmer. How to fix a washing machine, if it does not warm up the water or it little warms up Another failure that usually happens is the one of the system of heating of the water. This one is made up of two parts: thermostat and resistance. The lime of the water usually attacks the resistance being necessary, in principle, to place the thermostat in a greater temperature so that hot equal. Anyway, the lime usually ends up destroying the resistance, reason why it is necessary to replace it.

University Authorities

Carlos Vanegas Blackberry the characteristics of the economic scenes where they operate the companies are dynamic, changing, competitive, threatening, in addition, to demand new challenges, a new management of the management in order to guarantee effective participation and profits of the established objectives. It is needed new administrative tools, administrative knowledge that have generated a new paradigm of the administration and which they force to that the present managers well are identified with them, and they know of course them to use. In the Venezuelan case that it concerns to us, its scene is very turbulent, product of the uncertainty that has come providing the present government under the presidency from the lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez, who has taken passage to the denominated Bolivariana revolution with a seal of Socialist ideology. All this, has brought about earthquakes in the enterprise productive sector before this new reality, entailing to that many companies are retired officer, closed its activities and others, are establishing strategic plans of action that allows them to develop successful according to the new economic programs of the government. The certain thing, that all this entails to determine what so preparations are the managers to face the changes, challenges, to take passage to actions that favors to him and to contribute with the development of the country. Of course, such situation forces to diagnose, to evaluate, what is realising the schools of Administration of the national universities concerning pre and postgraduate that favors to the companies and has a professional with cnsonos knowledge to the competitive demand of the present. Unfortunately, everything indicates that the Schools of Administration the great majority, have been anchored in the past, with nonagreed an academic culture to the reality. The university authorities in charge of the direction of the schools concerning pre and postgraduate, have not updated the profile of the modern administrator according to the exigencies of the present scenes, especially the Venezuelan, maintain a Program with subjects that do not carry out a determining roll in the knowledge updated of present.

The Reason

The luck never was to your side From very young dresses to you desolate. It is perhaps the experience, the lack and the experience Fault, or reason, shows fault in the coexistence Or it is also the reflected image, Beside the point very even The one that to look like as much Imitating waves, that in the border of the sea they are Per time and by separated they walk in parallel and soon after, arrivals to the border, Without knowing have been. Decirte things, I would want But not yet I have found the way wished the form nor the way. We confuse respect, With obedience, Word already in disuse, When existing the coexistence We measured in mistaken form, Opinion with the reason. But, which wise person got to be right Or dictator wished Without with one each side, To people allowed to a sincere smile and an honest opinion Ideologies, languages, languages or geographies Each the same separates of its pride and imitating to cocoons they abren his sacred petals to absorb of the sun, all gilded rays. Again I reason when writing, that what I want I can That what I feel I do not show and that yet my seriousness I have not been, neither I am able Of agredirte with my Decirte mouth palabrotas, Nor to hurt your feelings Because after all, Is love which by you I feel. I know that I have not expressed myself, Perhaps things, have remained of side That is difficult to say to me thus, to first, Which to sincere way You wanted to have heard. But it tries to understand, Father dear Not yet I have been able to find way, or way to say, which wanted Without you already felt like victim, who that is not my intention Nor the reason that calls to me and drives that me in this plot To mostrarte what I feel What fodder and what I am and to say to four winds, Without I have left nothing By you on the inside I am a Akinn, and here am My mother I recognize in her was a woman privileged, from girl and until now to his eighty years of age she maintains aporcelanizada a Egeria beauty, would seem the time does not happen through her.

Gonzalo Ballester Torrent

I am called Gonzalo Ballester Torrent. Enchanted to salute to him. They will not think to me if I say to them that everything began to seem to me, if normal, either not completely as untimely as at the beginning. Position to have surprising encounter, why not to experience them with several deceaseds simultaneously? After all, it is probable that the deads are not single, that turn out to be as sociable as the alive ones and that are related to others by affection, by affinity or shared likings. And what better territory common that Literature for two writers, although has been so different and although in their mortal encarnadura would take some years? If does not concern to him were saying to gift Gonzalo to me, we will approach cafeteria of that one corner, because I want to teach a sculpture to him that has done to me, that I do not know, I do not know, Infected of renqueante and cansino walking of both phantoms they were in fact phantoms, an emanation of my subconscious mind, an authentic material reincarnation of the original personages, ? , I crossed them the Place way of the Novelty coffee. Through a large window, we saw the Torrent bronze image, to natural size, seated before a watchman of the coffee. has removed to Me uglier, it does not seem to him? was asking the writer to me, with one coquetera that never had imagined in him. Most surprising it was that, with its stuck eyes of awkward person to the cristalera, it exactly composed the same gestures and identical gesture that its bronze reproduction. He is not that the sculpture looked like to him, but it, unconsciously, became a perfect mimesis of the statue. From the commitment to give the most suitable answer at the moment and to the personage whom the question formulated they removed opaque voices to me that arrived by the entrance to the Place from Poet Churches.