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American University

In that sense, left in clear their distrust of the authorities in Washington because, in his view, they are fighting and do not solve the problems faced by Americans. A generation more tolerant for its part, Eleni Towns, said in an essay hung on Friday night on the web site of CAP, that fear or rage has not caused the isolation of the Millennium generation, while many believe that EE UU no longer has the respect of the world.In fact, despite the attacks or in response to them, this generation is more willing than our predecessors to become involved and establish contacts with other cultures, and some have embraced the opportunities of being a more global generation, said Towns, who attended the first year of high school when his teacher informed him of the attacks. As a test of the tolerance of his generation, Towns, which conducts social research for the CAP, pointed out that the participation of young people in academic programs abroad increased by 8.8% just one year after the attacks. Participation in Islamic countries increased by 127% between 2002 and 2006, according to the Institute of international education, said. The attitudes of Benitez and Towns, according to observers, is typical of this generation, which has moulded his vision of the world through the use of Internet and social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

It is also the generation of greater ethnic and cultural diversity in the history of EE UU, with 61% consisting of white, 19% Hispanic, 14% of African-American origin and five percent, Asian. Although does not hesitate to demonstrate patriotism, as happened against the White House and dozens of college campuses in the country after the assassination of the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan last may, is also a generation that believes in the role of the Government and calls for national reconciliation. A recent survey of American University, conducted among thousand young people between 18 and 29 years nationwide, indicates that this generation expresses more interest in follow the news, studying international relations, learning languages and participate in politics precisely because of the terrorist attacks of 9-11. For these young people, Bin Laden was the same incarnation of the devil, but the hiper-partidismo in our political life disgusts them (after the attacks) they assimilated deeply the sense of national unity and that continues to be a defining characteristic of his generation, said Margaret Hoover, political exasesora during the George w. Bush administration, in the conservative magazine The Ripon Forum.

Principles Of The Quality Web Design

A good balance of aesthetics and functionality that is what a good website should have. Yes, it should be both informative and visually interesting to hold the attention of the Navigator. In order to be able to maintain a client it is important to maximize both the beauty and the brain. Web design is essentially communicative nature and must make clear the message from the seller a beautiful website that doesn’t talk about its products or services is not usable and therefore not functional in the long term. In fact, a good web site is a single cohesive unit, which combines visual elements and functionality into a global whole. A web site should attract both the content and design design must complement the content and act as a bridge between the user and information.

Graphics, color or other must carry the eye to information without affecting the readability or the Organization of the page. The website should also facilitate easy navigation with the block design are main navigation placed in a way that is clearly visible. Each of the links must also be provided them a descriptive title for a better understanding of the user. Secondary navigation should be in search fields, inbound and outbound links, which, however, should not be key features of the page. In addition, a good web site must have a coherent theme that has the design as a whole. The arrangement of the words on the web page also matters. Magnetic poetry of the words can be represented graphically on components or blocks of the web page. Each web page, the ideal would be to have a container, which could be in the form of the body of the page label, a division or a table tag container must include the content of the page. The width of the container can be variable in the sense that could be expanded to cover the width of the browser window or stay so that the content is of the same width, regardless of the the size of the window.