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Line Software

Thanks to the platform students and tutors from around the world can meet and work together online. avilano offers an international market of classes for all subjects in all languages and software to work online (by videoconference). Avilano users can use the market classes and software for video conferencing as ideal combination, or separately. Both kinds market and software are easy to use. Source: CEO Keith McLoughlin. The software offers in addition to the sound, video and chat live a virtual and interactive whiteboard in which tutors and students can write with a graphics tablet or you can upload documents (of different formats) to work with them in class.

It is possible to save what is written and shown on the Board so that the student can continue studying this material after class. Avilano software is started directly in the browser and is easy to use.In the market of classes can publish ads both students and tutors as also institutes, academies and other educational institutions. In addition to the ads in the market class users can post profiles with information on their professional training, curriculum vitae, etc. It is free to publish offers and requests for classes and personal profiles in avilano. The avilano platform has been created by two engineers and a teacher of languages, all of them interested in learning at a distance at the international level. Learning at a distance by internet and video conferencing is a modern form of e-learning. Student studying comfortably from home, connected to the internet.

Student and tutor only need a modern computer, headphones with microphone and a webcam. For classes are in a virtual classroom, where are seen and heard at the same time and share a virtual and interactive whiteboard. Distance learning offers many possibilities. You can study with specialists and people who is not in your environment. Often you can take classes in the short term, since neither the student nor the guardian have to scroll. It also saves costs and travel time.

Good Academy

Choose a good Academy is essential for the security and stability you need when your future is at stake. Study oppositions requires time and money that should not be missed. For this reason it is very important that the election of the Academy is carried out with time and should not choose that we be more comfortable if not one that can ensure we end up with a square of official. Read more from Gerald Weissmann, MD to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The decision to choose an Academy or other opponent has it. Essential to find our Training Academy is that we are sure of the choice. Here we will offer some tips that we intend to help the opponent that your final choice will be the right. An Academy to ensure an up-to-date agenda is essential so that the student can get according to the latest legislative developments that are generally are changing. In addition to the syllabus is good to find out if the Academy provides us with another type of material that is our interest as they can be guides, tests and practice tests to get an idea of our level.

Tell with experience in the sector and to ensure their students pass rate. The higher the percentage of approved greater possibilities will have to get a square if we comply with the guidelines. Antiquity and national expansion of a company tells us that it has it been years consolidated in the market; It is the best test to prove its worth. The teachers of the Academy are experts and professionals in this sector and take time preparing students to get a square of official. There are academies that have not only a Professor, but also have trainers, tutors and coaches that significantly improve student preparing to approve an opposition. Another aspect that must meet the teachers and the rest of the staff is that they are available and we can send them our doubts at any time and from anywhere. That can tell you a study methodology that would ensure the understanding of the text. There are academies that have their own systems of study that ensures you obtain a grade of 8 out of 10. Academies oppositions that get gather all these aspects will be chosen to form us. Prepare for oppositions is very hard work, for which it is necessary to be prepared mentally and for which must be advised by professionals in the sector.

Educational Reform

MORVANE is true that education cannot be placed within reach of everyone without a profound transformation of its institutional apparatus, their techniques, their methods, their content and up to his spirit. The educational crisis facing Venezuela, the need to give way to a new reform that ensures an own demands, necessities of the present education taking into account that it’s the spirit of ourselves is very commented. Required a revision of the great weaknesses facing training, training from primary school to University, where has been significantly neglected technological development, the advancement of science in modern scenarios, anchoring in knowledge that already do not play a decisive role in the use of them. He says, that there are many controversies around the educational reform in Venezuela: the role of the State in education, the autonomy of the universities, the role of the private and religious education, and also, of course, the inclusion of sectors poor in the educational system. It is well known that Simon Bolivar called education the duty Prime, which emphasizes that for the new republics, its priority occupation was attend education. It was necessary, in addition to the Ministry of don Simon Rodriguez, that teaching is imparted to make suitable men to live in Republic. As has been written, have commented it, these conceptual considerations of the innumerable master of a single disciple and the innumerable disciple of a single master, arises the fundamental objective of education as a constitutional precept: make a man suitable for the life and the exercise of democracy. No us surprise, point, that our education at the present time does not comprehensively form be for life and the exercise of democracy.

Either, way to technological change. In this last aspect we have large gaps that leaves much to say about the neglect of education. These high sights should focus all educational process designed to grow and survive in the Porvenir.

Technique Sambo

We proved them! Thus, the workshop began. The first came with us to fight himself Edson Diniz! Against him came Alexander and immediately took the initiative in their hands, just a minute Edson, turned his back on the mat, and after thirty seconds, Alexander had pain in her leg (Achilles). The Master was down! Next was his pupil too well-known master of Brazilian jiu-jitsu Vincent Werner (USA champion in jiu-jitsu). Immediately it was clear that he got revenge for a teacher! Against him came up, Paul! Started a fight, which ended with the same result. Jiu-Gist defeated! Technique Sambo has shown in practice to be superior! We are very pleased that they accepted defeat with dignity and after the seminar said that their school is always open to and invited us for further cooperation! Now all the cards were in our hands – the news of the victory soon reached the American Top Team, and the next seminar came all the groups! Sambo – "self-defense without weapons". Type of sport martial arts, and as a complex system of self-defense developed in the USSR in the synthesis of many national martial arts and, in particular, the judo.

Is a type of combat in the clothes. The official date of birth of this species Sport is considered to be November 16, 1938, when the Order was issued by the All-Union Committee for Physical Culture and Sport at SNK 633 "On the development of freestyle combat" ("fight freestyle," was the original name Sports, later renamed the "sambo"). Since 1972, the international competitions in sambo. Sambo wrestlers train in more than 70 countries. Sambo is divided into two kinds: sporting sambo and battle: Sports Sambo – the kind of struggle with a large arsenal of painful receptions, as well as shots used in the rack and on the ground.

Combat Sambo – martial art created in the 30s in the USSR for training members of the uniformed services. Then, Combat Sambo is not considered sport discipline and was banned for training civilians. Only in the 1991 Combat Sambo was "declassified" and became a separate sport (in 1994, Moscow hosted the first championship of Russia in Combat Sambo). Oriental martial arts – fitness center Kimberley Land and water park.