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MindBrain Problem

THE PROBLEM OF Preliminary characterization Monism Monism is the doctrine that there is only one sort of thing or basic aspects of the universe. Monism can belong to at least three basic types: idealistic Monism: the only thing that exists is mental (this position will not be central to the problem that concerns us here) materialist monism: all that exists is material. For more specific information, check out David G. DeWalt. Neutral monism: there is something basic that without being physical or mental, underlies both. In philosophy of mind, there are several formulations of materialist monism. All have in common the assumption that the mental is any substance, material or process system. In line with this, the various monistic theories agree about the illusion of a purely mental fact immaterial. Basically, however, disagree on epistemological strategy and / or epistemological used to demonstrate the illusory nature of the mental and, therefore, to demonstrate the relevant substantive material reality. Such strategies can Consit in: * Remove the mental (not assuming its existence) * Redefine the mental (mental state that the terms do not really relate to states, processes, properties or mental institutions, but to something else) * Reduce the mental (state that is nothing that) * The nature of the substantive material reality of the appariential mind. * Basically, the mind has tried to be reduced to: * conduct * * The brain behind the brain's micro-and / or other information material * The states of a system Finally, in so far as appears opposed materialist monism pretheoretical a dualistic framework, or directly arising as a reaction to the dualism of an academic nature, tends to be classified as a reductionist position.

Search For Meaning In Life

Any inquisitive mind sooner or later comes to think about the meaning of life. After being born, we were born, but it will be time to die. For what is born, why life is like a pedestrian crossing with replaceable good and bad days? These questions are probably born with human thought. Many thousands of years, a fraction of the bits people gathered transcendental experience and passed on to his disciples, and they own and so to this day. This experience is described by different person who had different experiences and methods of achieving knowledge of the nature of consciousness-the mind. Initial forms are the basis of yogic practices, religion and philosophy, but practical value is primarily the desire to change its moral status. The little man is growing, gets two and tries to somehow wriggle out of punishment, or to achieve their goals and desires can be nice to lie, and this skill in adult life is becoming natural.

The man was lying on the little things you do not fall into the eyes of others or for the benefit, but the fact remains. With this cargo does not get into heaven, as with any innym. Therefore, moral norms are the primary practice. Level ranting about their knowledge is more advanced and has practical value only in accordance with moral norms. It so happened that a man vruschy, stealing and killing can not have a quiescent state mind, and therefore these rules are osnovopologayuschimi in all religions. There are practices in which moral norms are not important, but it usually occurs in close relationship * * teacher-student when a teacher immediately introduces the student to the elevated state of consciousness * * and distances forward in the process of life.

Reflections On Teaching And Learning

On teaching and learning I present some reflections that can contribute for effective changes in the didactics of the professor and the learning of the pupil. The paradigm that we face is of the modernity that sees the man as a fragmented being. In medicine we have specialist for each partedo our body, minor that is it will have doctor prescribing remedy, that also serves for other parts of our body, and that it promises to decide the problem that appeared, exactly if not knowing the reason of this problem. This patient is not heard in its all. But the complaint on specific aregio of the body is heard.

The reasons that had caused the problem are disrespected. Still we are ahead of the wild capitalism and are led by the American culture that breaches dialogues and apply remedies of fast effect. The doctor does not want to hear the patient, wants to medicate it. It is the race that makes with that one runs over the other. Making a parallel to the education, the professors finish giving only ' ' remdio' ' that he will serve for the group all, menosprezando the individualities, the differences. Walking of each one.

They receive the children as if its heads were empty and need to be filled by knowing of the professor. later tests the pupils to know how much they had been capable to absorb of this to know. How to receive an only reply from the group? If each reply it has a history, a luggage, why to want that all the pupils are as robots giving equal answers? the learning problems that appear, as are treated? Still if it finds that the problem is of the pupil, either organic, as at the beginning thought of the research on the learning difficulties, either for incompetence, as is thought currently for many professionals.

The Paper

He indicated me to everything that he would be completely different. of one hour for another one, my life gave a yaw of 360 degrees. Today I say can you that I am happy, that I have a wonderful family. I guarantee but you that my happiness does not come of this. My happiness is inside of me. My happiness is in taking care of of me, reading very to amuse, to construct me my things, to take care of of my house, to go to the cinema, to choose the films that I taste, to make the trips that I always wanted.

It and the girls make only part of my world. I feel myself happy to the side of them, but my happiness is not guaranteed only because they exist. With them or without them, I would have the obligation of being happy. Today I received an invitation from marriage of a college friend mine. We go there in October, I make question to be there. It never had one paquera, she never namorou and never she thought about if marrying. of one hour for another one appeared a person in life of it e, without more nor less, goes to be married.

It has 35 years and it said to me that when it really gave up to follow the standard, when started to take care of of same it, without waiting magic prince. She appeared a person and that today it believes that valley the penalty to invest. Said it me that she wants to live day the day, that it got tired itself to project the happiness of it in the others. I have a friend that also she came to here. today is with 10 years of marriage. Marriage this planned since the 15 years of age. of this I remember very well. With 15 years, people studied meetings and it already she had found one face to fulfill the paper of husband in the plans of it.