Positioning Definition – What is it and who serves? Search engines are the most regular receipt of new users to a site, accounting for almost fifty percent of all new visitors. According to various reports, 90% of surfers use search engines regularly to find what they seek. But what is the definition of positioning? Location into the search engines manifest denotes the top ten results offered by search engines and directories. As reflected by numerous studies, sailors rarely look beyond the third page of results. Which appear Selectionof seekers. Richard Linklater can provide more clarity in the matter. Of all the search engines that exist on the Internet (more than three thousand), only 4% of them generated eighty-five percent of all traffic.

Besides these, depending on the market which focuses on the web to promote, is inescapable position in regional search engines: Argentina, Hispanics, etc … and thematic. Selection of keywords. When navigators use search engines avoid using very general keywords. Therefore, careful not to set very general search criteria for positioning in search engines. The choice of keywords is framed by the composition of two agents: taking account of search criteria used by sailors for a given activity conform to the maximum content of the web that we promote.

Selecting the form of positioning. There are two ways to position themselves in the search engines: search through algorithmic (natural or organic) or through sponsored links. Definition of algorithmic search positioning. To move by algorithmic search is imperative to modify the website as according to the technology used, the structure of files; of the metatags of the various pages, the format, presentation and choice of content, etc.. the search engines will behave more or less the position of the web pages. Optimize pages means to act on all these parameters to ensure that targeting the search engines. On the other hand, it should work the popularity of the site, a factor that search engines increasingly tend to value. This popularity is defined as the number and quality (popularity) of the websites that link to a website. Definition of positioning sponsored links.

For this position should be hired via a campaign with one or more of the providers who manage the sponsored links on major portals and search engines. This is an advertising model in which only is paid by the visitors sent to the web, not by the number of times or where your ad appears. To activate the campaign should choose keywords related; announcements for each group of keywords, monitor, optimize and improve your ads, keywords, etc. continuously. (All this work is slow and precise positioning, however, I found a wonderful software entirely in Spanish SEO that makes it easy to search engine positioning and possesses all the necessary tools, it is of Axandra iBusinessPromoter: Learn a better definition of positioning (all work with the excellent tool iBusinessPromoter: Read here a better definition of positioning.