Very specific fair celebrates 30th anniversary with most current theme New Ulm/Sindelfingen, 03.02.2010 – World Climate Change Conference, reduction of CO2 emissions, renewable energy. All topics that are current today, than ever before. And the foresight of the organizers of this exhibition shows very clearly that the organizers of the fair have recognized House and energy in Sindelfingen 30 years ago, that save energy starts in your own four walls. These areas include the day-to-day business for the real estate service provider Monarchis real estate. Energy saving Regulation (EnEV), renewable heat law, amendment of the Federal Immission Control Act – rarely have seen themselves builders and home owners so many new laws and regulations as they are. Which are the consequences of the regulations for the own construction or building, were the subjects of more than 150 exhibitors who had built up their booths in the exhibition hall Sindelfingen from 21 to 24 January 2010. Rarely before but there was so much need for education – for example, to the “EnEV” 2009, the most Entered into force 1 October 2009. This brings far-reaching changes and even forcing homeowners to act if they plan actually no modernization.

Duty is so immediately the insulation of a roof or top floor ceiling. Where is still not checked is, must be retrofitted. And who plans modernisation measures, must reach the prescribed energy values for old buildings as early as from a change of ten percent of the affected component surfaces – for example the facade – so energetically restructure. Therefore should be examined when planning minor work on a facade, whether they enforce an energetic exercise. And if building will be modernized, the newly built parts by 30 percent must be more energy efficient than ever before.

This applies to exterior walls, Windows, doors, glass roofs, doors, ceilings and roofs. So, it’s no wonder that the EnEV 2009 also in the Forum of the House and energy was a subject. “The new EnEV 2009 and their impact” was the appropriate lecture the Association of building energy consultants, engineers, and craftsmen. There were interesting presentations on all four days of the fair. Also, a topic in the Forum, as well as many exhibitors of the fair, was the renewable heat law. This prescribes in Baden-Wurttemberg as a complement to the renewable energies heat Act of the Federal Government from 1 January 2010, that in old buildings 10% of the heat demand must be covered by renewable energies, if the central heating system is replaced. The law provides several alternatives for fulfilling this requirement. One of them is the combination of a gas or oil condensing value boiler with a solar thermal plant on the roof. All these topics, which were also for the real estate service provider Monarchis of interest, the company with fun and games was a sign, because at all sober information which resulted in the good mood on the Monarchis stand for variety and a good mood. More information under: the Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm is a wholly owned Subsidiary of global asset AG, Munich. Monarchis is a successful real estate and financial services company with a focus on residential real estate in Germany. Currently, the company has over 661 units (plus three commercial units) in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony. Contact: Monarchis Grundbesitz company mbH Wolf-Dieter Guip Edisonallee 1-3 89231 Neu-Ulm 0731-98099659