A very important starting point is the accord with children and know their expectations and inclinations in terms of activities, since many of these courses are carried out in interaction with sports, which makes the study of the new language more bearable. The big question is: where to study English abroad? and a very important decision the choose a school of English abroad. For those who choose to learn English in New York and like sports you will find the perfect course since the city offers several options in terms of sporting courses where besides the child can practice sports at the same time that learn English in activities such as: basketball: every week is a different camp in which delves into different aspects. Addition there are visits and tours related to the world of basketball. Dance: Participants carry out workshops with prestigious professionals in areas such as classical, modern and contemporary dance, jazz, theatre and Repertory. Also carried out visits, excursions and lectures linked with the world of dance. Tennis: Sessions focused on the technical, tactical and strategic, physical development as well as lectures for the empowerment of healthy habits are held. Addition there are visits and tours related to the world of tennis. Complementarily performed complementary activities such as pool, games, orientation, etc. Remember to check that these programs offer: travel on round-trip tickets, transfers, accommodation with full Board, medical coverage and visits within the city, in the case of New York the most important tourist spots like Manhattan: statue of liberty, Times Square, Bronx Zoo, Central Park, American Museum Of Natural History, NBA Store, among others. Without a doubt an experience that your child will thank you for life and the beginning of a secured path to mastery of the language.