MORVANE is true that education cannot be placed within reach of everyone without a profound transformation of its institutional apparatus, their techniques, their methods, their content and up to his spirit. The educational crisis facing Venezuela, the need to give way to a new reform that ensures an own demands, necessities of the present education taking into account that it’s the spirit of ourselves is very commented. Required a revision of the great weaknesses facing training, training from primary school to University, where has been significantly neglected technological development, the advancement of science in modern scenarios, anchoring in knowledge that already do not play a decisive role in the use of them. He says, that there are many controversies around the educational reform in Venezuela: the role of the State in education, the autonomy of the universities, the role of the private and religious education, and also, of course, the inclusion of sectors poor in the educational system. It is well known that Simon Bolivar called education the duty Prime, which emphasizes that for the new republics, its priority occupation was attend education. It was necessary, in addition to the Ministry of don Simon Rodriguez, that teaching is imparted to make suitable men to live in Republic. As has been written, have commented it, these conceptual considerations of the innumerable master of a single disciple and the innumerable disciple of a single master, arises the fundamental objective of education as a constitutional precept: make a man suitable for the life and the exercise of democracy. No us surprise, point, that our education at the present time does not comprehensively form be for life and the exercise of democracy.

Either, way to technological change. In this last aspect we have large gaps that leaves much to say about the neglect of education. These high sights should focus all educational process designed to grow and survive in the Porvenir.