In an environment changing as live us, professionalization is essential in order to compete and highlight. In the past 30 years, the protection of the human health and environmental responsibility have been priority concerns for the industrialized nations in the world. So, as the start-up of actions that protect the environment, far they are from being a utopia or an ideal endorsed in a green movement slogan, as many believe it. Thus, in bygone times are already combined the first actions in the field of United Nations, employers, Governments, scientists, ect., around the environmental theme. The demand for quality and quantity of resources human anger on the rise in this area since problems are accentuated by leaps. The formative methodology choice: on campus, distance and on-line, makes possible, that at the global level, the person really interested in receiving world-class training in this area, you have access to it. This program will allow you plan, implement and manage quality systems, perform an audit and carry it out including all stages, implement tools and techniques of quality in all departments of the company, know the process of certification of the quality system according to ISO 9001: 2000, perform tasks such as environmental technician in the implantation of environmental management systems, identify the hallmarks which guarantee that a product complies with the required environmental criteriaparticipate in teams that evaluate environmentally projects and industrial processes. I invite you to keep reading and I encourage you to request more information, if you really want to train you with guarantees in an environmental management once completed the master, you will have the knowledge necessary to be able to develop your career in the environment in all its aspects: work in consulting environment (design, implementation and auditing of environmental management systems), quality (design consultancy, implantation and audit of the quality management systems), technical consultancy (water treatment, management of contaminated soil, waste management, controller of atmospheric emissions, noise and vibrations, etc.), carry out environmental impact assessment studies. You will be able to do the job of responsible for environmental protection and quality of any company and organisation. In addition, you can perform work in other sectors, such as public administration, associations, environmental education, Rural Development, etc.