The first thing to consider when choosing educational games for children – this age-related features. Gerald Weissmann, MD gathered all the information. – For children from one year to 3 years is better to buy educational games and toys, which contribute at this stage of child growth development of intellectual and cognitive and motor skills. Due to Power Gaming, the child must learn what "smooth", "rough", "soft," fluffy ", to hear different sounds, learn to distinguish colors and forms. – In the pre-school age – from 3 to b years old – a child requires developing games that promote social and emotional development, and involving intercourse or treating them as living characters. Essential social factors developing the game. For example, if a child plays alone, he is guided only by their feelings and circumstances.

If a child plays in the company, he unwittingly have to take into account the wishes of others play and align actions with them. Ie developing game with more than one party, will help the child adapt to society and to build their relationship with the outside world. Developing games for children and Toys should be relevant. That here we have in mind. It is no secret that every generation of children has its heroes, which in turn significantly different from their predecessors. This forms the aesthetic taste and visual world of the child. What to say an example with Barbie dolls, that shaped the views of the exterior of a whole generation of girls. Also, with the help of toys and educational games, children learn to handle tools, objects household items, furniture and more. That's why developing game and toys for children must pass the "spirit of his time only. Thus, in deciding to buy a child to develop a game or a toy, parents must follow this rule: Toys must be different in texture, color, shape, sound emission, etc., but their money had to be a lot.