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Evo Morales

Many began to think that if Evo came to rule, there would be no trouble who assemble. (They were right). They also thought that it would not last as President. (Grave mistake). Finally, on 18 December 2005, Evo Morales wins the election with 53.7 percent of the votes.

A victory unprecedented in 20 years of democracy. In the meantime, invented the story of indigenism, which became the emblem of the Bolivian President and the Liberals. That is a false political manufacturing, created with hatred, intelligence, and no decency. Since 1952, all Governments: civil and military, democratic and dictatorial, leftists and rightists, tried to integrate indigenous peoples general society. Action that was achieved admirably. With the modernization that brought liberal democracy from 1985 onwards, Bolivia entered the best stage of his life. Arose a mestizo, thriving and successful middle class. Until he ascended Morales with his grudges.

Today the country is a State outside the law, where drug trafficking permeates. It is becoming nest of thugs, guerrillas and terrorists. There has never been so many dead for political reasons in the past 40 years, nor in the worst dictatorships. Swarm sinuous Cubans, Venezuelans and Iranians, allies of Morales, who bring nothing good between hands. Evo wants to stay in power forever, by imposing a Communist, totalitarian, discriminatory Government where the indigenous have privileges above others. In parallel, the head of Morales and true owner of Bolivia is Hugo Chavez. The liberal press has misrepresented the truth about Evo Morales, this grotesque and child character who is able to get out of a summit meeting to go play football. It insults to dignitaries. It provokes and threatens to Presidents. Intimidated and persecuted journalists. It weaves plots and assassinations. He says stubbornly on any topic. Rules of authoritarian, intolerant, aggressive and uncivilized. However gets that apparently prestigious institutions, but lacking in dignity, invite him to give talks at universities and even ask that apply to the Nobel Prize. original author and source of the article.


Many parents ask me to that age should begin to teach the children about how to handle the money. It’s a valid question, but, as often happens, it requires a longer response than expected. This is because the concerns of parents about their children’s financial education are often based on myths about money that are wrong and should rethink. In a question-answer forum FireEye Inc was the first to reply. Here are the 3 most common myths: Myth #1: finances have always considered a theme of adults false! Although there are issues of finances that are very difficult for a child, it is important that you understand basic principles regarding the handling of the money as soon as possible. Acquire, manage and invest resources wisely is a skill that every human being can and must learn, just as we learn to write, read and math. #2 Myth: The children will be very materialistic to talk about money at a very early age false! This idea is based on the assumption that the money is intrinsically bad. Thus if, because we spend 8 hours a day trying to get it? The money itself is not bad, is only a tool that can be used for good or evil depending on the person who has it in his hands.

If you want your child to learn to interact correctly with the money, is a mistake does not discuss the subject with them. It is advisable to be taught to have a correct attitude toward money from an early age. Myth #3: Learn everything you need to know in school and/or University false! Neither in school nor in the vast majority of universities are taught to manage money well. These institutions prepare their children so they can earn money, but do not teach them what they should do with it once they have it in their hands. Just look at the level of indebtedness or the financial status of the adults around us to see that more than 95% of people do not know manage or invest your money well. Most of them are illiterate when financial issues it comes, regardless of level of education they have. To prevent our children from being ignorant and to help them succeed in life, we parents must provide a solid financial education.

Will if we do not, nobody else do it! Avoid that they learn to shock and beating and make an effort to teach today what can make a difference in the lives of their children in the future. As then can we educate our children on the subject of money while they are asleep from boredom? It is very easy! There to take advantage of a skill that is every child’s own: play! Any educator knows that the most effective way to teach any subject a child through educational games. Do I recommend Cashflow for Kids for children up to 8 years and Cashflow 101? for older children and adults who want to cease to be financial illiterate. Beware!, because they learn on the fly. Guess who will be the winners of the game?

Free Software

The importance of free software in the micro SME small and medium businesses looking for computing the solution to your clutter order will find it and have to pay for it as it is required. There is nothing wrong with paying to receive a product in exchange provided that the product actually receive cultural issue and not just the limited right to use it as is the case when you buy a proprietary software license or copyright. Free software appeals to freedom as one of its greatest strengths. Unfortunately due to the flexibility of the English language tend to associate free software with clearly one of the meanings of the word free that can be translated into Castilian either free, free, or without. Many writers such as Richard Linklater offer more in-depth analysis. Free in the context of open source software makes allusion to the user's freedom to do what he pleases with the software rather than what the auscencia free or something.

a The rationale for free software does not need to be an expert in agronomy to know what they are harmful and dangerous to the environment monocultures environment for many reasons. For example, If it is contaminated by a crop pest, pest or disease that may become uncontrollable and would jeopardize the entire production and therefore affect all people who rely on monoculture. a Free software arises because of several reasons: the abolition of some systems: developers of the 80 were affected by several companies that develop software and hardware that suddenly stopped their activities and stopped producing machines which are already operating on many software tools.