The following dialogue is with Philip Snow Gang (Doctor of Education. He is executive director of the Global Alliance for Transforming Education GATE) with the theme of "Love and educational reality." Holistic education is a vision of wholeness, which leads to a global understanding, an ecological awareness, holistic education is inclusive where we are all connected to everything else. Snow recommended to teachers who ask how to teach holistic education and says "working on yourself, work on your point of view you have of the world, who you are working in relation to others, and the vision you achieve is to be transferred to children with the work "I also believe that therein lies the key, change, transformation must begin with myself, and having a spiritual experience. What leads us to our true nature is the perennial philosophy. Then follow the topic is on "pure act of attention" in P. Krishna (PhD in Physics. Member of the Academy of Sciences of India).

The conflict arises when our thoughts are transformed into something different from what it is, arises between what we are and what we want to be. What we can say is that what leads to conflict is the neglect, if we are worried about anything at this stage and we are working, we can not be attentive to perform our jobs well. The neglect is not the totality of things, but a narrow vision. What is important is to visualize the difference between religion and spirituality being the latter direct experience of the transcendent.