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International School

To date, no indisputable statistics on the number of spas in Moscow, Russia. However, since not defined the term 'spa' – versions of its operating great multitude. Therefore, I appeal to your data exclusively Company – International School spa. In Moscow, about 300 sites that call themselves spas throughout Russia up to 3000. Among them is a high budget centers (Medi-Spa City resort spa "Rixos-Carpathian 'SPA' Ritz-Carlton Club 'etc.). It's very high-quality equipment, great design – generally a good international level. The cost of square meters of the spa can vary from 3500 euros.

For my taste, despite the fact that such spa – definitely decorate Moscow – nevertheless, bored by the concept. But this is – for my taste. There were also actively developing ethnic spa with 'imported' staff. The clearest example of '7 paints' – great (from others) franchise network, which has' its Thai-Balinese person '. Clearly, here are different emphases.

Interiors may be modest, the main thing – the real Taik (Chinese girls, Japanese, etc.). The prospect of ethnic model 'real' staff – is obvious. That's the only 'headache' and 'pitfalls' – it is very a lot. For example, a massage in the Russian Federation could do only with Russian specialists of medical education. Point. Therefore, for many, actually fly the same colors '7 'and not to fill their own cones. There are spa 'for' beauty salons – declare authoritatively – without consulting competent – this idea is doomed. I have many examples, I do not want to offend the owners, I will not call.

WeiSen Technique

The hands give the student durchgangig support and feedback of client consulting receives through the empathic observation of the consultant and the setting. By the encounter with the hands over the kinasthetischen sense, their realistic is the students Return the body schema”, their body boundaries, postures, BeweGungen and voltage zustaende felt and aware. The Alexander technique as a methode applies to all levels of the human being, their placement and application processes on the Korperlichen, emotional and mental level are Fuhlbar, to raise and be bewusst to include all levels of organic aufeinander. Counseling starts with the emotions of the clients. The emotions are to be reaktiviert and erfahrbar, their interaction with the thinking and acting is on the subject. Despite the integration of experience activating or psycho-dramatic elemente in the consultation process, the beachTung of expression nonverbaler, sWeiSen such as gestures and facial expressions in relation to linguistic utterances and their theming, the dominant level of advice is the language. The Alexander technique is on the muscles on and reached the kinesthetic sense of the whole person. We received impressions and images via the senses, the verstand works only if the sense of offered something to him.

The Alexander technique basiert on the ERfahrung Alexanders, that of the kinesthetic sense through habitual misuse is geworden unreliable. Automatic interference in the natural functioning of the primary control leads to the distorted perception of self. The misuse of gewordene to the GEwohnHeit beeinflusst our relationship to our inner world and unserem kinesthetic sense. 2 The kinesthetic sense is the first sense, that the first and most important perception organ with which we know our environment in the womb later begreifen skin with your hands. Then the other senses form itself. Parallel developed the brain and makes its neural networks from the VerarbeiTung from the individuellen experience in the course of life of sensory stimuli, emotions associated, BEWERtungen, ReakTIONEN, their Differenzierung and kognitiven processes.

Vaccination Debate: German Surgeons Call Urgently To Tetanus Vaccination

BDC and DGCH urge to check the immunization of Berlin (bdc) an accident, bleeding wounds and quickly it happened: affected parties can connect themselves with insufficient vaccination with dangerous pathogens. Tetanus (Lockjaw) is a potentially fatal disease caused by bacteria. Dr. Jorg Ansorg, Managing Director of the Professional Association of German Surgeons (BDC): We surgeons must ask again after the current immunization status, when we see patients in the emergency room or in practice. Even Bagatellverletzungen such as abrasions can be entry gate for tetanus germ.”often comes out even, that many patients don’t even know their current immunization status”, says Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Meyer, General Secretary of the German society for surgery (DGCH).

Also, the latest figures of the Robert-Koch Institute prove that: only 71.4 per cent of adults in Germany are currently vaccinated as against tetanus. Prof. Julia Seifert, Vice President of the BDC: Tetanus is no bagatelle. There is this serious complications and deadly history. The probability to die, after the outbreak of tetanus infection is left untreated despite treatment at 25 percent, 100 percent!” The tetanus vaccination in combination with a vaccination against diphtheria must be refreshed every 10 years. In addition, the standing vaccination Committee (STIKO) recommends the combination with a pertussis vaccination. Pertussis, to German whooping cough, has spread again only nearly 35 percent of German adults are vaccinated against it. While this highly contagious infectious disease in adults is usually harmless, it can be a serious health threat to infants and young children. Not vaccinated adult whooping cough can transfer to babies in the family and circle of friends. Vaccinated adults protect not only themselves, but also infants and young children with vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis in their environment”emphasizes Ansorg. And a combination vaccine can perceive this responsibility with the prick ‘ a single syringe.