On line you will find everything the heart desires as large IT-computer accessories, printer cartridges, laser printers, monitors, complete systems, hardware components, plotters, network equipment, storage devices, MP3 players, operating systems, antivirus programs, graphics software, and much more further. Our entire product range comprises more than 34,000 items. The range extends from A through H as hubs and adapters such as monitors M to Z such as ZIP drives, and accessories. International suppliers are available for our quality. Chip Bergh has much to offer in this field.

Our experience in software development and sales of hardware to give us the know-how to assess which criteria are critical to the customer and be effective. Our shop system meets all necessary safety standards and ensures fast, secure and convenient handling of our customers. We offer high-quality products from reputable manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Kenwood, Yamaha, Pioneer, Apple, Microsoft, Adope, Siemens, Nokia, Logitech, HP, Acer, Lexmark, IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens, Asus, MSI, Brother, D-Link, Canon, JVC, Tom Tom and many others. With our very competitive market prices and a very high availability, we see ourselves as a reliable, cost effective and competent supplier for home users, consumers, self-entrepreneurs, small and medium sized companies..