The society and the Government in them charge responsibilities that are of the family and not ours! I was always charged while pupil for my parents, always vi my professors as authorities, not in the direction ' ' duro' ' of the word, but in the direction of that, the school, the respect would have to prevail on them, and unhappyly it is not what it occurs in the schools of today! Nowadays the proper parents teach its children who we have the obligation of everything, even though when a material finish the children arrive saying: ' ' My mother ordered you to give another one to me, because the mayor said that he has everything here! ' ' Where work the pupils receive the kit from uniform, pertaining to school material, item of hygiene, stock market family, have constatemente taken milk, professionals of the health constatemente inside of the schools, projects before and after the schedule of the lessons, two meals for period, bath, at last, EVERYTHING what the necessary pupil is today in the school, also we are we who we have that to try to explain and to guide the pupils because that its parents need to work, because they are with another person the day all, to create situations and justifications that do not get worse the degree of I discourage of these pupils, that I stops, are abandoned inside of the school and in vem as only shelter, either to gain affection or to try to call attention, that is our indisciplinados pupils of today! The direction of family for many was lost, therefore the school is as it is! Therefore that we professors gain as many attributions beyond our craft! clearly, for us that we love what we make, we always search solutions for as many adversities, since we search excellency in practical ours!