Eliel Manasses of the Rock Professor: Davi de Miranda University Center Leonardo of the Vinci? UNIASSELVI Geography (GED 0611)? History of the Education. 18/06/2010 SUMMARY the renascentista thought brought many changes in the life of the man, mainly in if treating to the interpretation given regarding its vision of world. In this period the being starts to search explanations regarding its origin and its function in the land, being constructed a new form to think and to exist, thus bringing the individualistic thought. The education takes new routes. The church loses space and searchs to react with the one against reform. Word Key: Thought; Revolution and Church.

1.INTRODUO the renaissance makes was it of transistion of the man, of the age measured pra the modern age. This period detaches the change of thought of the human being, leaving to see and to believe in the world of religious form, in the form nailed for the church, where the explanations for the events you explained and inexplicable they were in the deity. In this period the man starts to search answers for many questions, mainly on its objective in the land and the search for knowing the universe where it inhabits. The man starts to search its origin, starts to change its form to think and to live. In to this I deal it period directed for the profit starts to grow, bringing the capitalist thought. The period is marked by the sprouting of the liberal thought, bringing the elitist education, where the great mass finishes being excluded.

With the renascentista revolution the church launches against reform, aiming at to recoup faithful and to finish with the heresies. Martinho Lutero was the founder of the protestant church, in the separation of the church catholic and defended the school for all. By if opposing to the religious thoughts of the church the same it was excomungado.