How affiliate marketing works as you mentioned in a previous article, affiliate marketing is to sell digital products over the Internet. With the advantage that you don’t have to create any product. Now, I’ll show an example of how affiliate marketing works: creator of revenue, is one of the products of affiliate that shows how to do business on the Internet I recommend do so so that you understand well. If you have the interest, you can promote this product, get a special link and earn money when a sale is made through a referral yours. It is very simple, and this is just one example, because this is just one of the products that you can decide to promote.

I.e., steps to promote a product as an affiliate are as follows: select a product you want to recommend creating your special link from affiliate shares this special link with many interested people buy the product WINS commissions! This is a fairly simple process and is the same basic way as super affiliates use to earn thousands of dollars from home via the internet. Registering as an affiliate before starting to promote products and earn money as a super affiliate, you need to sign up as an affiliate. This is particularly important since there you’re going to define the way in which you will receive your winnings. Register on clickbank .com once you are on that page fills the data contained in the form. (He pays special attention to the name of the beneficiary and street/box of post boxes because these two correspond to the name on the checks and the address to which checks will be sent) (In addition, pays particular attention to the username of the account because East ID will be your username for identification for everything as afiliadoy with that ID will create your links to promote) Since you’ve registered for Clickbank, you’ll be ready to start promoting the product that you want.