Hope for 1.6 million customers in Germany. Dresden, 28.02.2013. The entire electricity market of in Germany was liberalized in 1998. The full current market? No, a niche the basic utilities have been preserved – the night-time electricity. And so far was at the night-time electricity simply not be changed. 2009 the Federal Cartel Office initiated abuse proceedings against night-time electricity providers and examined the pricing policies of the companies who supplied 1.2 million customers overall.

Now managed the power comparison portal Stromvergleich.de as a first in Germany a night electricity calculator to build and to put online. After years of waiting, that resembles a sensation in the industry and makes roughly 1.6 million night-time electricity customers in Germany hope again. The grief tale of night-time electricity exchange started 2009. Many writers such as Richard Linklater offer more in-depth analysis. The Federal Cartel Office has complained that there is in fact no possibility of change. Over a year later, in December 2010, the Federal Cartel Office was known, completed the trial of the 17 night electricity.

Companies committed to the Authority to comprehensive market-opening measures. In addition, 13 providers will make a refund in the amount of EUR 27.2 million. Around 4% of German households currently heats with power, which corresponds to a decrease of 27% since 2006. The vendors are in fact without competition, because it compared to the normal”electricity are numerous barriers to market access. In addition, was and the monopoly position of the individual companies by various means will be cemented. The Federal Cartel Office found misuse in 13 of the 17 companies examined. Through the voluntary commitment of the undertakings concerned, to repay some of the money in the form of compensation to their customers, they escaped further orders. The list of the companies concerned is published under: 100929_Anlage_zur_PM_vom_29_09_2010.pdf the final report of the Federal Cartel Office here: 100929_Bericht_Heizstrom.pdf had to wait the customers on a night-time electricity rate comparison or even replacing still to the present day.