Then I will tell you the advantages that I found on this course: 1: A video-course, ie, consists of video tutorials, which makes learning a lot, because while you listen, so you're viewing. 2: Come all very well organized in modules, the first on creating accounts at the major sites of affiliate programs, and how to find profitable niches and products, the second dedicated to the creation of web pages to promote products, the third on advertising adwords pay per click, the fourth on free methods of promotion, and the fifth on how to optimize your campaigns for best results. 3: You do not need special skills because all you teach it step by step from scratch, and all very well explained. 4: In addition to the video course, giving you more tools and resources to use in your campaigns, in order to make them more effective. Then I say, Why be looking for free information on google, and testing and testing, spending money and time, if you buy this course you can learn everything you need step by step, greatly shortening the learning curve? It is true that many people the price may seem high, but if they think of all profits given, this gift really. Although to make this offer even more attractive, and as I am of good hehe, I will offer you the following bonuses: BONUS 1: Domain. Com. Net or.

Org, absolutely free for one year, then you pierce it for you to follow him to pay you. BONUS 2: Unlimited Hosting your domain and link to upload your websites or blogs. BONO3: Personal advice to help you upload your pages, blogs, or to resolve any questions or give any advice on the course. These three bonds will be offered during the March and April of this year, ie 2010, so if you're reading this after that date, you can not apply. After buying the course, contact me by leaving your email in this blog with your name and email you used to buy the course, and I will contact you to give you your bonus.