An excellent feature is the option to edit that he allows, among other things, create footballers, modify the score of existing ones, and even import faces for them. Many players use this option to assemble a team composed by themselves and their friends, getting a different experience that provides variety and renewal. This version presents two new game modes that complement to the already known, the first is the Champions League, which is a great innovation that excites much to his followers and will allow us to participate in this prestigious tournament with one of the teams qualified for this season or someone else we want. Mode plays very well the League, with an introduction by high level, with music, repetitions and several more characteristic of the television presentation details.The second game mode is which has attracted the attention of this PES 2009, consists of taking the role of a single player throughout his career until retirement. Why it is so attractive? Because unlike what Konami us had accustomed in all modes, who was driving a full team in a competition, this time we will handle a single player, who will try to become a star of world football, starting from the bottom, playing for the team of surrogates in the trainings, fighting for ownership, paving way based on good performances to get to large teamswinning awards and finally getting to the national team, where you can access win a World Cup. It is a great way without a doubt but contains a negative detail and is the fact of not being able to choose random starting points of your player, these are generated then you begin the game, hopefully in next versions be modified for greater freedom and a greater entertainment. Konami to released patch 1.10, 1.20 and 1.30 for versions of PS3 XBOX 360 and PC in addition to correcting errors, most notably has been incorporated in new licenses and the last, 1.30, updated campuses according to European winter market and incorporates new players, no doubt it is a fact that deserves congratulations for developers because it is the first time that they continue working on a PES to update computers based on the last signings, something that is certainly appreciated by fans. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is an excellent Simulator but with certain aspects that improve but that keeps the formula of success. New game modes have enriched the product and have led him to a level high as well as also his improvement in the system of the gameplay. If you’re passionate about sports and in particular football, it is a great choice for fun.