The cuidadores wait of the nurses beyond the aid technique also emotional aid to deal with feelings and decurrent emotions of the process to take care of of a familiar one with illness of Alzheimer. In what it says respect to the expectations centered in the installment of cares to the familiar one is verified that the informal cuidadores tell the necessity of nurses in the domain of the assistance in the activities of daily life, cares dressings and in the administration of therapeutical. These aspects suggest that the perception of the cuidadores, face to the intervention of nursing, is characterized for an approach assistance to the biomedical model. Additional information at Gerald Weissmann, MD supports this article. The cares in the scope of the prevention of complications associates to the illness, and other factors deserve particular intervention of the professional (Mendona and Couto, 2005). The cares of related monitoring and accompaniment to the practical one of cares of nursing, suggest the necessity of constant monitoring in the context of an illness that if characterizes for mannering alterations that disturb and that they constitute constaints for the cuidador. The emphasis given to the abilities relationary human beings and of the nursing professional, desires in such a way that the performance of the nurse is pautado by attitudes of ‘ ‘ understanding and carinho’ ‘.

It is to enhance that a great part of the informal cuidadores does not have any expectation relatively to the practical one of cares of nursing, this perception is conditional for the unfamiliarity of the functions of the nurse and for the lack of support felt in the continuation of the process of illness of its familiar one. The necessity of structuralized institucional support and a professional that obtains to direct the familiar ones guiding in you practise daily make all the difference. (Melo, 2005). 5.0. Alzheimer’ s disease is the most common type of mental Il METHODOLOGY This study was become fullfilled inside of a qualitative boarding and quantitative, based in theoretical referencial on the subject, article information, magazines, books and specialized sites of the Internet had been collected, that describe the physical and psychic damages caused by the Illness of Alzheimer and the familiar convivncia.