One still searched, to characterize the profile of the pupil of the related course, to know the pretensions of the pupils how much to its professional future and to verify the importance level that the pupils give to the knowledge of the administration for its professional life and the country property. Additional information is available at film director. To reach these objectives the contents had been analyzed programmarians of them discipline professionalizing of the course Technician in Farming and were applied a questionnaire with the pupils of the related course. The used instrument of research was composed for sixteen closed questions of multiple choice and open questions. It was used, a estratificada probabilist sample of ninety and two pupils of the third year of the related course. The majority of the searched pupils is of agricultural origin, is children of small agricultural producers that concentrate its farming activities in the production of annual cultures and bovine milk production. Being that the majority opted to the campus Hinterland, in function of its positive image and for the quality of education. How much to the professional future, the option, search of formal job, were answered enter the searched ones under the justification of the available land area to be insufficient and not to hold more hand of workmanship. However, for a significant parcel, the return for the country property is the option, with the objectives to apply the acquired knowledge and of this form to contribute with the family and to improve the income.

The majority answered that the knowledge of the administration is importantssimo for the farming activities, for improving the conditions of control, organization and planning, and optimizing the profits. They had evaluated as more promising its professional career if in case that to acquire greater amount of knowledge in the administration area. These respondents had still considered, that the knowledge of the technique and the knowledge of administration must be together and depends one on the other for the success of the activities related to the agronegcio.