the kreaturlich & warm Pentecost Festival 2010 in the ZEGG what happens when we stop to know and begin to questions? This will be senior attitude of empathic artistic Pentecost Festival, which will take place from 21st 25th, 2010 in Belzig (between Berlin and Leipzig). It is aimed at all research-friendly people, willing her a beloved habits & beliefs about right & wrong four days for questioning. Spaces of experience be opened, in which empathy is directly experienced, versteh – and of lectures on theatre, dance & sound art, experimental anger and (body) empathy rooms up to the silence. There are special offers for children and young people. Constantly updated information can be found on the Internet at or by phone 033841 / 59510.

As co-creator of the Festival are invited experts from different areas (sound art & singing, body work and therapy, dance & theater), is the subject of empathy very approach differently. So, for example, Professor Dr. Beatrix Pfleiderer, which developed its own training method as Medizinanthroplogin for body empathy, the TARA-process (, will report their therapeutic work and offer a workshop in the body empathy together with her research assistant Jutta Gruber. Referred to empathy, is better known as compassion or empathy from the Dalai Lama as one of the most necessary skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century”. Because we are not happy, honest or even loving each other & ourselves to prove what is wrong with us and argue who is right now or not. Such an attitude basically leaves just two options: rebellion or submission. But how does link? This is the question that is to be made and explored in experimental and artistic way. Host is the ZEGG (Center for experimental society), a joint project in -Belz, a town 80 miles southwest of Berlin. The Festival takes place under the open sky according to the season for the most part, used the 15-acre, spacious, surrounded by light forest area will be with volleyball court, a small bathing, sunbathing areas, a large campus, pubs and Cafes, artist studios and several seminar – and Bewegungsraumen. Accommodation is in spacious tents (with light, slatted frames and mattresses) or in the Group dormitory.