And he was working. Again he got what he wanted, in a small restaurant run by his owner, Stuart, who was tired, because of their age, do all the work of the business, and now wanted to devote himself to attend only the box and leave the task of the kitchen. He began working and soon, and as almost always happened to him because of his sympathy and determination, became a close friend of the owner. One day I proposed adding a new dish to your menu list. I had rehearsed many times and had made several changes, until what seemed like a different dish. Stuart disagreed. It was not people who liked to innovate if something worked, and one could not complain as his business going, not interested in making changes.

He had a stable and satisfied customers. Antonio refused to be intimidated by the no. He bought all the ingredients required between courses and the restaurant prepared his. Took it to Stuart, who initially looked at him disapprovingly. "Come," said Antonio, – do not tell me not encourage you to try! – He wore a mocking and sarcastic tone between so Stuart felt he had no choice but to cheer. He liked the presentation.

She tasted it and was delighted with its taste and combination of ingredients. It was perfectly seasoned, and despite being a simple dish made with pork, it seemed completely different from those offered in your business. He agreed to add the menu. Each week a new dish Antonio prepared and presented it to Stuart After six months there was no menu in any of the former restaurant dishes offered.