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Germany School

Well, or taught language in depth, at school or courses. I know English at secondary school level, that is all. Before entering 4 months purposefully prepared to the English exam and passed it to the desired point. But despite the language and financial difficulties, I still managed after the first year to receive a cash prize for third place on academic achievement. – Impressive. And where do you work while studying in Germany? – I had two underworking.

One – as an assistant on educational issues in the business school. This organizational position. In our school, all the speakers – invited. So I need to be pre- establish contact with them, get them to list what they need for the course, the list of necessary materials and prepare in advance for all students. Let's just say I was a mediator between students, professors and administration. Very interesting and, in some sense, the creative work that requires high communication skills. My second was a part-specialty, I have to program for graduate students at the institute information networks.

He gave me the job, and I had to program an experiment to push it and fix the results. It sounds easy to perform – is complicated. – Au-pair – it's all for the program? -This program, under which family invites you to a guy or a girl from another country, that they helped them care for their children and do light housework (cook dinner, clean, go shopping, etc.). This program enables parents again go to work and young people – to go to another country, learn a language, learn the culture.

Higher Education in Canada

BENEFITS OF CANADA FOR LIFE AND LEARNING In close proximity and similarity of some of the historical stages of economic indicators and the media is often called Canada "the younger brother of United States', although the Canadians are dissatisfied with such a comparison, considering it a European country in the Americas. For even more analysis, hear from CEO Keith McLoughlin. And indeed, in Canada, unlike the USA, where immigrants from all tend to make Americans, rightfully exists multicultural society. In addition, unlike the United States, Canada – a very quiet country. It does not seek to dominate the world, because of what the terrorists did not molest a country of blue lakes. In Canada, low crime and high living standards and political stability. And that important – quality of life in Canada more homogeneous than the U.S. – there are few very poor and very rich, and flaunt wealth – is not accepted. Ona of the most important components of the welfare of the country is high attention to education.

In Canada, education is spent on average the same amount as in other member states 'big eight'. According to the UN on the development of education in the country of maple syrup is allocated 5.2% of GDP, which is 38.5 thousand dollars per capita. Moreover, well-funded not only receive the prestigious universities of Canada, as is done in many countries, but also ordinary state colleges. Canadian universities are fitted with classrooms and laboratories with the latest technology, equip audiences with the latest projection equipment and smart boards (interactive whiteboards), and offers students advanced research centers, an extensive library, computer classes and unlimited internet.

Linguistic Centre LSI School

Teachers in them by law are known for their professionalism. Let us dwell on one of the Austrian language schools. ActiLingua Academy? private school, which has a large selection of courses. School located in the central part of Vienna and has a well-equipped classrooms. In addition to directly learn a language, studying at the school involves excursions to beautiful Vienna, sports and much, much more. Germany. Institute Humboldt in Berlin. Offers a variety of children, youth and adult language programs.

A feature of an individual approach, which allows quickly learn the language. Classes are produced in small (5-10 people) groups, where students are improving in reading, writing, speaking, speech ponimantyu at the hearing. In addition to training provided more and homework assignments. The Germans, the people of pedantic and do not tolerate levity. Language Centre St.

Alberta in Raymlingen. This children's language center. The center is deeply and systematically teach grammar. The principle of the center:. That is, not having learned the first lesson, I must proceed to the next. The center is located in the park, away from roads, making it ideal for teaching children. The Centre has a swimming pool, gymnasium, stables, where you can learn the art of riding. True for an additional fee. Language schools in Germany are scattered throughout the country: Lindenberg, Konstanz, Freiburg. In those cities, except for school, you can admire the monuments. Carl Duisberg Centren? language center for intensive language training. Here you get a solid margin on grammar, vocabulary, that allows you to take equal part in discussions, conversations, presentations, etc. Switzerland. International Linguistic Centre LSI, located in Zurich. Classes are held in it in small groups. The school building comfortable: with equipped classrooms, a multimedia center, a recreation room. Enjoyed worldwide popularity and the Swiss linguistic camps. Apart from the quality of language teaching here pay much attention to relaxation and nutrition. The camps themselves are located in scenic locations, where there is an abundance of fresh mountain air and green grass. Price for three weeks in this camp of about 3,500 euros. By the way, the camp can not teach a foreign language, and few.

Korean Peninsula

Korean history is extremely interesting and confusing, some things are not clarified. A geo-political passions are raging on the Korean Peninsula and now. On the territory of modern Korea first states began to appear very long. Usually these were small kingdoms, quickly developing and just as quickly fading. But the greatest contribution to the emergence of modern Korea played three ancient kingdoms – Koguryo, Silla and Baekje.

But no matter how many small separate states or kingdoms existed on one small area, they are united by one thing – language. These kingdoms languages were very similar, the inhabitants of one of the kingdom were free to understand people from another. There are reasons due to the history of the emergence and establishment of kingdoms. History of the Korean language is conventionally divided into 4 periods, in this periodization usually do not include language that had to use the Korean Peninsula to the formation of the three kingdoms. So the first half of the ancient period includes precisely languages Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla. Apparently, these languages have some serious differences from the more ancient tribal languages, lived in these territories. Korean history is inextricably linked with the history of China – the kingdom of Koguryo and Silla (which, incidentally, won in his time even earlier the state, located on the Korean Peninsula) almost two thousand years, separated from China. Of course, that in times of allegiance to the State, there were close contacts, and on the borders appeared languages based on Chinese and Korean dialects.

Minimum Vocabulary Foreign Language

In science, there is such a thing as information redundancy. Information redundancy actually useful. It's like insurance. If something happens where the failure information, and the rest will fill this gap and the meaning is not distorted. In full respect to this language. The average language has about 300,000 words (English, as the development and spread recently to celebrate the anniversary? Million words).

But the average person uses in everyday speech 15-17 thousand words. Same AS Pushkin in all his works used about 21 thousand words. So what? And nothing! Wrote a brilliant novel. That is, for fluency in a foreign language, I stress, free enough to learn no more than 17 thousand words! On this basis, we can construct a method of teaching foreign language to a qualitatively new basis. In it all, do not learn quickly, and somehow as much as possible words, and learn a little bit, but qualitatively. That is, teaches, so long as a minimum will be learned, as they say, forever. After that, a student who decides whether it is enough of this vocabulary for its needs or not.

Not enough? Well, learn more. As Studies show that properly chosen only 400 words can replace 90% of the total vocabulary, which will be used later. Unbelievable huh? Go ahead! In speaking about forty words cover about 50% (!) Of all vocabulary speech. A 200 words? already 80%, 400, as already mentioned? 90%, and a thousand? 95%. It is easily seen, building vocabulary after a minimum leads to only a slight increase in percentage of used vocabulary.

Foreign Languages

Now there is no denying the importance of learning foreign languages. Thorough knowledge of a foreign language? a ticket to a good career, it's expanded horizons, it is an opportunity to travel to great effect in different countries and with greater comfort. Plus a lot of knowledge of foreign languages. Minus only one? This language must be learned. Unfortunately, not all of us have the ability to master foreign languages. So what do others? Learn! But to teach the that these activities bring joy. Agree, knowledge, developed through violence, forcible hammering a good information to remember and less to remember than the knowledge gained from interest, I would say that with love. In this article I want to talk about learning French.

The language I was taught in school, coach, and then studied the language of Hugo and Balzac at the university. The French language is very beautiful and melodic and not fall in love with him simply impossible. And almost all students of the language, falling in love with him. Fall in love and dream to get to study at one of the French language schools. And these schools in France a great many, so the choice to do a difficult.

I'll tell you about these shkorlah for more info. The largest education system in French is the union of Alliance francaise. It has many branches scattered around the world. Therefore, to thoroughly learn French is not necessary to go to France. And to find the branch Alliance francaise in the same Moscow or St. Petersburg is not difficult.