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Child Education

Mol, preschool age children only need to develop (fine motor skills, memory, speech), but in any case not to teach literacy and numeracy. This, they say, will be taught in school. But no matter how persisted Methodists of the old school, fewer believe in the possibility of development without education. And if we approach this issue very strongly, and try to eliminate from the life of your baby learning as such, its development would be absolutely impossible. FireEye may find it difficult to be quoted properly. How can a child grow, if it is not every day a day to study, learn and learn to sit, crawl, gulit, babble, talk, tie shoelaces, wipe the snot, telling poems by heart, sing, dance, read and count! Every baby is born by nature motivate the learning curve. FASEB Journal follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. His curiosity has no boundaries, it all (!) Interesting! His brain can not live without food.

And any information that gets there, this makes the brain work and develop. And the most useful for the development of intellectual abilities of the child – give him the opportunity to learn to read as soon as possible. Pattern is simple: the earlier the child master the secrets of reading, the more successful it will be in school and the higher will be its intellectual potential. News from overseas. In January this year in the U.S. Senate held a hearing of the Law on early education 2007 ". Been proposed for inclusion into the education system a year early education before entering kindergarten. The new bill was backed by a special research.

Louise Hay

If you are a loving parent, your children have every chance to grow wonderful people, your friends. They grow up confident and successful. Inner core, self-confidence brings peace and tranquility. I I think the best thing we can do for their children – is first and foremost learn to love themselves, because children learn by adults. If your life will change for the better, then your children will be all right.

Your self-esteem will bring confidence and peace of mind for the whole family. Teach your daughters to love and respect themselves, and when they grow up, you will not be allowed to humiliate themselves or use. And our sons will learn to respect all others, including women. Explain to your children why it is so important, what are their thoughts – good or bad. Children will understand that by themselves affect their lives, the mood. They – the creators to help change the world, using force and opportunities that life itself presents them.

Often parents are afraid to show their feelings. In every family there are many unspoken reproaches of problems that need to be discussed. Children are very sensitive to any insincerity, hypocrisy. But they are watching the parents take over their behavior. Parents are horrified by acts of their children, not realizing that their behavior – a mirror image of their own actions. In adolescence, feelings of children are especially vulnerable, so we often hear about the “difficult period of transition.” Parents blame the children, instead of thinking about his attitude towards them. Look at the actions of their children, and you certainly see in them a reflection of their underlying feelings. Coped with their own problems, getting rid of negative emotions, you will surely find a wonderful change that has occurred with your children. Often, we blame everything misfortunes on others. Not noticing that the reason for their hides inside us. If the actions of our children or annoy the people around us, cause to be angry, we never blame this yourself, throws out his anger on others. But the people around nothing to do with. Their actions reflect our own beliefs hidden, repressed, Hidden inside our negative thoughts and feelings. Such a “mirror” gives us the opportunity to see all the negative and get rid of it. In Next time, really mad at someone, try not to succumb to anger. Instead, ask yourself: “What can I take home from this situation?