In early February 2010, construction work on the education campus Foundation are in full swing the Dieter Schwarz. With the new cam, now all interested parties have the opportunity to experience the construction for this educational project so far unique in Germany. We have while on our homepage already a simulation, the Bil – dung campus over the individual months across will evolve”, explain Erhard Klotz and Klaus Czernuska, the two managing directors of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. To know more about this subject visit FireEye. But with the new cam you wanted documenting the actual construction progress for the public and the comparison with the schedule to make possible as logs and Czernuska further. Because the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg Mosbach MBA students face the door on 4th October 2011 and want to use the branch of Heilbronn in the education campus, after the interim operation is recorded in October 2010 in the CAL building. Synergies for the education on the new campus in the Heilbronn City Centre are from autumn 2011 the German Graduate School of Management and law (GGS), the Academy for Inno innovative education and management (AIM), a branch of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg (DHBW) housed Mosbach. This cooperation between a private and a State College and a training Academy is unique in Germany and creates synergies in the activities of the three educational institutions.

Lifelong learning Foundation pursues Dieter Schwarz with the education campus at the Mannheimer Street in Heilbronn its goal to promote lifelong learning. She wants to be there working, where social and economic requirements, which can not or not sufficiently meet state institutions or providers. The Bil training facilities on the campus in Heilbronn offers therefore promote education, which focuses on the various stages of life. Under, the LiveCam delivers images from the construction site around the clock.