It is logical that if the games are developed by Americans or Europeans, the games are starring themselves, but that removes the fact that Mexicans want to see his countrymen not occupying important roles in video games. A company that has been heavily influenced by Mexican culture is Capcom already that some of his characters as T. Hawk and El Fuerte are Mexicans. Mexico also served as the location for developing a successful franchise of shooters in the first person: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, where a terrorist cell threatens to destroy the balance between Mexico, United States and Canada. Having been portrayed and after seeing our country in the video game, the last list was that we did the titles.

That dream has been thanks Heroes of the Ring, production Mexico-latinoamericana which has put our designers and creators on the world map. Apart from being entertaining events, shows like Campus Party and Aldea Digital can be the launch pad for Mexicans sell their talent to the large technology companies. Download Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 For Free Xbox 360 Download Center XBox 360 Stuff Blog of Cape Wikileaks, the roles of the Department of State: so see us our low politicians your risk by investing in a franchise them should it collect the salary of air traffic controllers. WonderOnes last time blog archive be presented in the new FIL Monsivais book