Carlos Mora Vanegas every day are subjected to external stimuli that generate not to know them manage stress, worries that give way to tension, moodiness, affectations that may have physical impact, such as psychic, deplete our energy, wasting it, affecting many times our performance, performance. We should be surprised how we act, how we operate we, as we manage our emotions in order to not let that certain stimuli, facts affect our behavior, you pass to concerns that negatively affect our minds. Vanities thereon points out to us, that you must be very attentive to accept and observe the thoughts and feelings and tells us that Lejeune explains that how we think constantly, it is easy to confuse thoughts with our I, and come to believe that we are what we think. Whenever film director listens, a sympathetic response will follow. He explains that we must see the thoughts just like pieces on a chessboard and understand that we are not parts, but the Board. We are not our thoughts; These come and go, as good as which us They terrorize. Look at them from a higher perspective, as something you’ve created and that you can, in the same way, delete.

This practice helps to see that you are more powerful than the ideas that go through your mind, does not help to understand the scope, impact of the concerns, indeed, provides us with the school of Mental education, you need to break the habit of concern, keeping the busy mind. Busy doing our daily work, the mind is lost in doing the same. During the hours of rest is when this is tempted to succumb to the concern. Thoughts about the uncertain future, economic problems, the scolding of the boss, what someone told me and not like me, bombard our mind, allowing us to enter in the vicious circle of disturbance to bring us to put forward.