Water damage can cost a lot of money. Learn what you need to observe, to bypass womogliche still more expensive Renovierunngsmassnahmen. The reasons for water damage may be varied, so can be a defective washing machine, a burst pipe, a ruptured aquarium or but flood possible causes for this. Moisture damage can leave serious long term consequences. Ranging from malicious mildew, which induces long-term serious health consequences, to floor and masonry restoration, because the moisture the plaster or for example the laminate (keyword deformation) has damaged.

Such damage is been it needs to eliminate the moisture. This building dryer are usually, in addition to the right heating & ventilation, dehumidifier or larger measures used. To use such a device, several factors are: 1 no excess drying typically it involves composite materials (2 different materials, the) are linked), which should be dried. Because it is min. 2 materials with different properties, can occur quickly to excessive drying.

Possible consequences include cracks in the walls, or deformations in the laminate. In short: too dry to be learned, because here you can do wrong at least as much, like when a water damage! 2. Cavities and floor make a special danger because formation of microorganisms in cavities. So can moisture damage be fixed while on the outside, still have water retention. This go unnoticed, dangerous microorganisms such as mold can be formed for the people. A subsequent mold remediation can very extensively and eat time be, and also cost a lot of money. There is a distinction between 3 different types of drying: room drying insulation layer Rockung screed drying 1 room drying room drying is the most famous and also most widespread kind of drying. This is where using a desiccant dryer or Kondenstrockners reduced the relative humidity in the air. 2. Dammschichtrocknung insulating layer drying is applied usually on uninhabited apartments drying walls. In the humid air from, for example, the partitions is blown by means of high or low pressure process”and further dried in the room with the help of a Kondenstrockners. 3. Drying of screed the screed drying process is similar to the Dammschichtrocknung, this dry air is supplied with pressure in the insulation under the floor. “While the moisture is removed from the material and go back in the room” promoted. Here, the air with condensation or adsorption dryer is, again like in the insulation layer drying, dried. Basically it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert, because this can probably save lots of money. As you have read, as much can be made due to improper drying, wrong, such as when a water damage. Buy matching dehumidifier dehumidifier there are many on the market. To the user not the overview to lose, the page “Dehumidifier Portal.de” made right dehumidifier for every area of application together, to make the selection for consumers. To air dehumidifier Portal.de Andre Kruse