According to the type of in question failure, to learn how to fix a washing machine it can be more or less complicated. How to fix a washing machine, if the failure is in programmer One of the most current failures usually happens in the programmer, since it is constituted by a great number of commutators that they activate to the other electrical components of the machine. The programmer essentially is trained by two clearly differentiable parts: first she is the formed one by the commutators. We will recognize that it is damaged when we turned the control of the programmer and electrovlvula is not connected to load water or the motor that rotates the drum. (Similarly see: Richard Linklater). In this case we must replace it. Not to mistake us in the position of each cable we will go one by one connecting the terminals to the new programmer as we are disconnecting of the old man and. The second part is the motor with a small reducing group of pinions that rotates the programmer passage by step. If the motor burning fire we will know because to the programmer tour to it automatically not to happen from an A stage another one of washing. You may wish to learn more. If so, film director is the place to go.

We can change the motor, that will leave to us with difference economic than to change the whole programmer. How to fix a washing machine, if it does not warm up the water or it little warms up Another failure that usually happens is the one of the system of heating of the water. This one is made up of two parts: thermostat and resistance. The lime of the water usually attacks the resistance being necessary, in principle, to place the thermostat in a greater temperature so that hot equal. Anyway, the lime usually ends up destroying the resistance, reason why it is necessary to replace it.