Valencia. E-learning has begun to have great success among all types of educational institutions. We both found the implanted e-learning system among training centres at a distance as among most prestigious centres such as universities around the world, who already use this system as a fundamental tool for teaching. But many will wonder what is this e-learning? It is a new form of distance education that has emerged thanks to the development of the information technologies and the Internet. Using this new tool the student has access to all kinds of interactive and multimedia courses taught through the Web, receiving the training regardless of schedules and displacements, from his job or even your home.

In addition, learning through e-learning tool has shown that it is very effective, because the student happens to be the Centre of the learning process becoming motor and protagonist of the classes. Costa de Valencia, training centre have been quick to realise the enormous advantages which presents the system e-learning and for this reason have begun to implement within its enormous offer of language courses and training so. Well within the range of e-learning, we can find from courses of languages (English, French, Italian, German), to courses focused on computer training or training related to the business world. The contents of the courses are provided to students in the form of small thematic blocks easily assimilated, besides possessing tests at the end of each one so that the students themselves can assess the acquired knowledge. In addition, the Costa de Valencia training centre has put within the reach of everyone who desired a small demonstration of the system.

Entering in your Web page, within the CAMPUS section you can view course offerings and familiarize yourself with work e-learning system, only must enter the word Demo as username and as the password this same word. Is clear that e-learning is not the perfect substitute to the classroom training, but it is a very interesting option for corporate training and for those who have geographical limitations or schedule. In fact this method is already used without any problem by American students. According to report Sloan students, generally, are just as satisfied with their courses online that witness them with their classes.