The winemaking tradition of the family Rutini keeps alive the essence of wines beyond used by 19th century production methods. During your holidays in Mendoza, you can not miss a tour of the Wine Museum. The Maipu district, 16 kilometers from the city of Mendoza, sits the Museum of wine, property at Bodega La Rural, unique in South America due to the characteristics and quality of its exhibitions. A brief guided tour around its dependencies is sufficient to know the forms make wine that is counted from ancient times until the present. Once the class finished, tourists can taste the their exquisite varietals and check as well the excellence of the typical products of the region. To visit each one of the rooms of the Museum, we can know the history of don Felipe Rutini.

Born in Italy, came to the Argentina in 1885, she fell from the Cuyo region and decided to settle in Maipu, Mendoza Province. In those lands planted the first vines, giving origin to what, years afternoon, was to become La Rural. With the passage of time, the descendants of don Felipe continued with the family business. They devoted themselves to the cultivation of the vine, extending it to a wide variety of grapes white and red, raw material for the production of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec. Later, they incorporated series Chenin, coming from the Loire Valley.

The tour of the Wine Museum is a path through a timeline, where you can see objects up to today colonial times and different methods of harvesting and fermentation of the grapes, used in the course of history. There is where you can see the technological advances in terms of inputs and machinery made in the La Rural complex. To 10 million litres capacity has been increased and equipment of last generation, unique in the country have been acquired. A decade ago, La Rural began a process of modernization and remodeling. During recent years, the bodega has managed to double its capacity of storage, making tanks of stainless steel in different sizes and shapes, and incorporating equipment for storage in cold, strippers, pneumatic presses, filters and pumps, all of advanced technology. And so to meet the growing demand caused by tourism in Mendoza with success.