He indicated me to everything that he would be completely different. of one hour for another one, my life gave a yaw of 360 degrees. Today I say can you that I am happy, that I have a wonderful family. I guarantee but you that my happiness does not come of this. My happiness is inside of me. My happiness is in taking care of of me, reading very to amuse, to construct me my things, to take care of of my house, to go to the cinema, to choose the films that I taste, to make the trips that I always wanted.

It and the girls make only part of my world. I feel myself happy to the side of them, but my happiness is not guaranteed only because they exist. With them or without them, I would have the obligation of being happy. Today I received an invitation from marriage of a college friend mine. We go there in October, I make question to be there. It never had one paquera, she never namorou and never she thought about if marrying. of one hour for another one appeared a person in life of it e, without more nor less, goes to be married.

It has 35 years and it said to me that when it really gave up to follow the standard, when started to take care of of same it, without waiting magic prince. She appeared a person and that today it believes that valley the penalty to invest. Said it me that she wants to live day the day, that it got tired itself to project the happiness of it in the others. I have a friend that also she came to here. today is with 10 years of marriage. Marriage this planned since the 15 years of age. of this I remember very well. With 15 years, people studied meetings and it already she had found one face to fulfill the paper of husband in the plans of it.