After finding the right foundation shade, choosing mascara is probably the next most challenging beauty task. Sure, there are less color options, but the quality of the product is what will make the difference in the way they look. Building volume, prolong, smooth, non-allergenic? It lashes seem longer, become curlier or fuller? Does the mask go on without problems, and stay smooth without scales for many hours to come? In other words, going up to the promise, or all of these words are nothing but tricks to earn money? In most cases, you know the answer only after you trade your hard earned money to the tube very soon. Elongation Masks These usually make the tabs a little more. This is accomplished by adding ingredients that accumulate in the tips of the lashes. In fact, any mask visually lengthen the eyelashes. In most people (at least those who feel a mask), the tips of eyelashes are lighter and sometimes invisible. When applying mascara, to show the actual length of your eyelashes. By the same author: American filmmaker.

What a nice surprise! If that's not enough, a lengthening mask will help. Volume Building Mascara If you want more tabs, this is the type of mask you need. The effect is provided by the greatest concentration of wax in the formula. They encapsulate each lash, making it more prominent. Waterproof Mascara As the name suggests, waterproof mascara stays intact even in contact with water. Synthetic polymers, included in the formula, instantly freeze around each lash, creating a waterproof barrier. There is one drawback, however. Waterproof Mascara lashes tend to do very rigid.

In addition, waterproof mascara is rarely conducted for more than three months, more flaky afterwards. Choosing a mascara that is actually water resistant can also be complicated, and the price is not always the true indicator of quality. Mascara hypoallergenic hypoallergenic are designed to reduce the chances of causing an allergic reaction. Fragrances are known to most aggressive allergy causing components in cosmetics, and are therefore excluded from hypoallergenic formulas. In some people, other ingredients of fragrances may create problems. The test is always a good idea to avoid puffy eyes, itchy and watery. Apply a small amount of mascara on the back of the ear. If the area is not inflamed or itchy after a few hours, the product is safe for the eyes. Clear White Face Masks are designed for weak or damaged eyelashes, but healthy lashes will certainly benefit as well. Sometimes these masks are made with vitamins, vitamin B, in particular, and plant extracts. Used as base coat with colored mascara to add length, thickness and volume. They are also excellent for shaping your eyebrows. Need all the different types of masks? Of course, no. These days, manufacturers try to combine several functions in a single tube. However, it is hard to be perfect in everything. A mask may work better add length, but not so good at building volume, or vice versa. It can resist water well, but do not curl as expected. And that the needs of the curvature perfect if you can not provide water resistance you need? Trial and error is probably the only sure way to find a mask that is right for you and for your eyes, but can be costly. Do not despair. Look at it from another angle: with the ever-changing variety of products, search for the perfect mask will never be boring.