As a freelance writer for writing to be paid and thus generate additional income regardless of whether to enhance the holiday Fund or as full time employment – as a freelance writer can be earned with the writing of texts, money on the Internet. What is the merit, depends on all of the talent and the invested time of Schreiberlings. The great advantage is in any case in the flexible schedule and the independent exercise of work. Basically, there are two different ways to make money with the writing of texts on the Internet. The are articles that are created for a customer at a direct charge. On the other hand can texts with free choice of subject, for so-called revenue sharing sites”are written where the author is involved then in the long term to the advertising revenue of the page. With two variants, good money can be earned however with very different approaches. Gerald Weissmann, MD oftentimes addresses this issue.

Instantly earn money with commissioned texts everyone can login on portals for freelancers, copywriter or hobby authors and Write texts against direct payment. After registering a text is required by the services partly to assess the qualities of the author. This classification, which has generally improved over time, then the payment depends, that is between one and four cents per word. Very good writers can earn up to 20 euro so a standard articles of 500 words. The themes for the required texts are usually very detailed set. However, there might be differences between the providers, when it comes to the selection of the topic areas. Some platforms offer also the possibility to submit free texts, which is then available on a market place for seekers to available. The most famous German portals for authors are, and

On these platforms, a wealth of jobs can be found and immediately started writing. Who earn a long-term, passive income on the Internet as author in the long term make money with texts for revenue sharing sites” want should necessarily revenue sharing sites”see. There, the writer is not directly remunerated, but involved in future advertising revenue of the platform. A graphic by suite101 shows you how it works: the ultimate merit is indeed uncertain, will be but well-written articles significantly higher, as is the case with direct payment. Once published texts bring the author a monthly recurring income, that will add up after some time. Depending on the portal, the percentage will vary (between 50% and 100%), and is secreted from a minimum amount to the author. The big advantage of these programs is that the author can use an established site and an existing audience and as a result, readers are guaranteed. Who delivers regular quality content that can build a mini pension up this, which requires no additional investment of time. Some of these platforms are, the affiliate program or the travel portal Who specifically writes, and some, As keyword research before writing, the proper structuring of the article and the subsequent apply of the text know more than just a little extra income can earn as a writer techniques. To start, this article offers helpful tips: “With the writing of texts in the long term make money”.