Today young people of Russia – is 39.6 million young people – 27% of the total population. Youth and Education in Russia – one of those complex issues, which is important for many of us. Evidence of this is the fact that every second young man in Russia at the age of 14 to 30 years – to learn. In the 21st century enrolling in higher education exceeds the total number of graduates of educational institutions. Most high school students on their completion plans to attend college, one in seven – in college. In the short-term almost as many young people intend to go to work. In the longer term plan to study at vocational schools Only a few students.

But the quality of education over the last decade, strongly criticized. Critics were, like society in general and young people themselves. According to a study PISA-2003, literacy skills of reading, necessary for successful adaptation to society, has only 36% of 15-year-olds in Russia. Today, according to opinion polls nice to know that 46.09% of Russian citizens would want their children to receive education only at home, believing that there is no price to our experts worldwide. 34.37% said that once the child has to decide where he will learn better. Education in Russia in recent years has suffered many transformations. It is not clear where they lead. Actively, there are issues about the introduction of a 12-year school, is still being discussed how, what and why this single exam pupils and parents.