Carl Jung

So a few months ago, when Juanjo explained its situation to me, it cannot avoid to see me reflected in which it was happening to him. And clear, I suggested to him we used numerologia. I said to him that it could be an funny form to find a little light on its situation. It accepted to try, although it did not know this tool. The universe is a mirror of you the ancestral traditions considered that our outer universe is a reflection of the inner universe: the macrocosmos in the microcosm. In more modern times, Carl Jung talked about to this like Sincronicidad, when something that happens in our surroundings reflects something that is happening within us. Also, when you read or listening your numerolgica letter, of some way you allow that the outer Universe speaks to you than you are and a process of sanacin of our emotional wounds begins therefore.

You use if it with that intention, numerologia can serve like beginning as a way as self-knowledge and personal growth to you that takes to new heights and realities of harmony, peace and happiness to you. A warning before following The numerologa, is not a magical baryta that solves all the problems to us. The solutions are always within we ourself and the answers that we looked for we already have them in our interior. It is what we do with the information who arrive to us what the things for better change. But what yes it does numerologia is to show to us, as if outside a mirror, a reflected image of those who we are. And thus, it allows to see qualities us that already we own but of that nonramos conscious or we were not taking advantage of the sufficient thing. By all means that, a reflection always is a partial image, since you are much more great than any method of self-knowledge it can show of you.

Fiji Islands

The number one is consequence of the little interest of the person who read or attended the self-help in making the changes necessary in her life to achieve the objectives. Clearly, making the reservation of those authors or lecturers who are a deceit. In number two, the case is exactly the same, I listen, I later am touched by hours and remainder everything what I learned because gives flojera me, and in much opportunities, fear to apply it life. Result, a frustrated person who criticism to the authors who provide an excellent information and, secondly, authors of self-help with banacarias but great accounts every day. And I ask to them: this is fault of the self-help authors, or of the consumers of these materials that are satisfied to two hours of happiness and do not wish to be happy by always? They never forget: The learned information and/or herrmientas must be applied with discipline to obtain results, of that consists the self-help . nobody is going to help to them, can only be helped you yourself. For that reason always me river, of the ironic commentary of my teacher Wayne Dyer, when in his char them, it raises his two hands towards the attending public in gratefulness signal and it says to them: I have a house in the Fiji Islands, where I write. Irony of the teacher: gentlemen (ace), the SELF-HELP DOES NOT SERVE Don’t mention it, IF YOU DO NOT HELP YOURSELVES Itself, BUT ALWAYS IS NECESSARY the INFORMATION THAT OF the TOOLS TO HELP US US.

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