Thanks to the platform students and tutors from around the world can meet and work together online. avilano offers an international market of classes for all subjects in all languages and software to work online (by videoconference). Avilano users can use the market classes and software for video conferencing as ideal combination, or separately. Both kinds market and software are easy to use. Source: CEO Keith McLoughlin. The software offers in addition to the sound, video and chat live a virtual and interactive whiteboard in which tutors and students can write with a graphics tablet or you can upload documents (of different formats) to work with them in class.

It is possible to save what is written and shown on the Board so that the student can continue studying this material after class. Avilano software is started directly in the browser and is easy to use.In the market of classes can publish ads both students and tutors as also institutes, academies and other educational institutions. In addition to the ads in the market class users can post profiles with information on their professional training, curriculum vitae, etc. It is free to publish offers and requests for classes and personal profiles in avilano. The avilano platform has been created by two engineers and a teacher of languages, all of them interested in learning at a distance at the international level. Learning at a distance by internet and video conferencing is a modern form of e-learning. Student studying comfortably from home, connected to the internet.

Student and tutor only need a modern computer, headphones with microphone and a webcam. For classes are in a virtual classroom, where are seen and heard at the same time and share a virtual and interactive whiteboard. Distance learning offers many possibilities. You can study with specialists and people who is not in your environment. Often you can take classes in the short term, since neither the student nor the guardian have to scroll. It also saves costs and travel time.