Origins of BMX: is an extreme sport that is practiced with rolled 20 bikes. BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) is an acrobatic form of cycling, originated in California in the 1970s when the youths were trying to imitate the champions of the motocorss with their bikes. In the 1980s he began to use the variant known as race, or races on circuits of Earth, similar to those carried out on bikes. Later with the arrival of the first freestyle bicycles begin to practice tricks skateparks, consolidating what today we know as BMX. It is considered Olympic sport since the Olympics of 2008 in Beijing. In Spain the BMX riders are called Riders (of the English word, ride) or also Bikers (also of the English word, bike). What languages and BMX course program? They are kinds of languages (English, French or German) aimed at children riders from BMS wanting to learn or improve the level of languages while they practice their favorite sport.

At the same time that practice the sport also do so without realizing it through the use of the language. The activities of these programs are varied, among which are the Professional program of BMX, excursions, workshops on mechanics and repair of bicycles, among others. This is one of the fast, easy and effective ways to assimilate knowledge. So you can study English or French, with option of the official exam of the Trinity College London. Institutions providing these services are equipped with all the comforts and provided with recreational tracks of skate, BMX, pool, football pitches and also in Assembly are organized skate camps in Spain than to complement the above activities. Without a doubt this form of learning is an excellent way to create synergy between the advantages of sport, where basically promotes creativity, self-expression and communication, coupled with the many benefits of learning languages.