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The Development Of Modern Astronomy

The concept of a stationary universe put forward in 1948, Bondi, T. Gold and F. Hoyle. The requirement that the characteristics of the universe in both space and time means that its density, despite the expansion should be constant, and therefore must be continually arise a new substance. Campbell Soup Co brings even more insight to the discussion. "For twenty years – spoke bitterly in 1968, Fred Hoyle, – I have never been able to make my fellow astronomers to understand what is said in this theory – in part, undoubtedly due to the uncertainty of my presentation, but partly also because of the emotional atmosphere, which, unfortunately, has always prevented the discussion of the theory. " Indeed, most physicists and astronomers still refer to the concept of a stationary universe sharply hostile against her, apparently, they say, and observational data.

However, the beauty of this theory is undeniable. Eternally renovating the universe is infinite in time and space, there are no special points (singularity) to replace the fallen stars are coming more and more … Model of the observable universe Einstein – Friedmann, based on general relativity, allow for two types of solutions. According to the first, the expansion The universe will continue indefinitely. In the second version of the expansion is slowed down more and finally replaced by contraction, the red shift will change from blue, first close and then in more distant galaxies. It is possible that after the "singularity" – the state of extremely high density – again to start the expansion. The space in this embodiment, of course, though infinitely – you can not get out of it, finite volume of the universe, of course number of galaxies and elementary particles in it.

Sochi Olympic Environmentalists

Review article The long-awaited victory for environmentalists in Sochi Olympic Environmentalists have first and foremost the victory of Sochi. At the summit of the Group of Eight to discuss global environmental problems. Oleg Mitvol check Attorney General’s office? Natural disasters in the world began to occur four times more often. The Vatican has developed a ’10 commandments’ for the protection of the environment. Global warming will turn females into males ancient reptiles. A short review of —- major environmental news for the week. —- Tunguska phenomenon called acid rain – the scientists fall of the Tunguska cosmic body, which occurred exactly a century ago in what is now Evenkia caused acid rain in catastrophe there.

This is the conclusion by researchers from Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, the Italian University of Bologna and the German Center for Environmental Research (Leipzig). ‘During the movement meteorites in the atmosphere having high temperature, while atmospheric oxygen reacts with nitrogen to form nitrogen oxides “- explained in an interview with RIA Novosti co-author of the study, Natalia Kolesnikova … —- Radiation mobile phones detrimental to rats, found a Belgian researcher mobile phone radiation is detrimental to the rats. According to the newspaper ‘Le Soir’, a conclusion reached by the researcher from the Catholic University Leuven / Belgium / Dirk Adang. Scientists have conducted research on the impact of radio waves used in mobile telephony, on the body of rats whose genetic material is 90 percent identical to a human.

In the course of more than polutoraletnih research scientist treated rats with microwaves at a power are in conformity with international standards of mobile communication. Since rats live an average of 2.5 years, which means that these mammals exposed to radiation for 70 percent of their life cycle … —- ON ‘Beacon’ introduces a unified system of nuclear and environmental control Production Association ‘Mayak’ (city of Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region), the first in Russia will introduce a monitoring system that will track the nuclear, radiation, environmental conditions of production and the environment, inform the general director on ‘Lighthouse’ Sergei Baranov … —- The full texts of these and other News you can get on ECOportal.ru and mailing in this release: 306 issue a weekly mailing of environmental ECOportal.

Russians Environmental

Topics of issue: The main threat to the environment – the trash. Russia has become a leader in the preparation of ‘post-Kyoto’ agreement. Burning the ice can become a new type of fuel. Hear other arguments on the topic with film director. Olympics 2014: current issues and ways to combat them. Eruptions volcanoes can be seen online. —- Earth Review article goes into the water after 2000 years? In Moscow there will be environmental park guards.

The main threat to the ecology of Russians believe the garbage. Environmentalists are looking for methods of disposal Waste BPPM. Russia has become a leader in the preparation of ‘post-Kyoto’ agreement. Burning the ice can become a new type of fuel. Substances ‘rescued’ the ozone layer, contributing to global warming. Stabilization of CO2 will not save from problems of global warming.

—- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Olympics 2014: current issues and ways to combat them. Help One of the major environmental problems preparing the 2014 Olympics associated with extremely poor condition of water supply and sewerage of the city and surrounding areas. According to the deputy head of the Housing Authority of the Sochi Viktor Smirnov, more than half of water supply and sanitation Sochi worn by almost 100 percent. Storm sewer is suffering from constant produced by local residents of unauthorized taps. Situation compounded by the fact that, according to calculations made by Soviet specialists, the optimal functioning of the city’s infrastructure is only possible if the number of its resident population is less than 240 thousand people. Given that currently in Sochi, according to official data, a resident of more than 400 thousand people (including 140 thousand – in the city center), and during the Olympic Games are expected to arrive for about 250 000 people want to change the actual city sewer (which is difficult to lay pipelines in the mountains) … —- Eruptions of three volcanoes in Kamchatka can be seen online Eruptions Three Kamchatka volcanoes, including the highest active volcano of Eurasia – Klyuchevskoy, you can watch online, told RIA Novosti Klyuchevskoy vulkanostantsii head of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology Yuri Demyanchuk. ‘To observe in-line of volcanoes Klyuchevskii, Nameless and Shiveluch purchased two modern high-resolution camera, after adjustment, probably in August or September, Image volcanoes will be updated on the Internet as often as every minute ‘- said Demyanchuk .

Magical History

It's sobriety and mental clarity, self-discipline and self-acceptance, is the ease and harmony with oneself and the world, it is still a lot of things, but most importantly – this is freedom. And not just to intellectual freedom, but freedom of mind, consciousness of man and his infinite possibilities (see the 'Magical History "). Magic or what we used to call magic, that does not fit the usual description of our world – not an end in itself, rather it is a natural product of human evolution. The main purpose of discipline – freedom. At the same time sober and critical judgments are an essential and indispensable attribute of consciousness practice. There is nothing you need to blindly accept at face value, the criterion of truth is practice and personal experience. In this way a warrior close to scientific knowledge. Now going back, actually, to stalking.

On the road a warrior is, in general, two general lines of practice – the dream and stalking. And she, and other practices aim to develop awareness. Development to such an extent that realization is made available various outrageous opportunities. So what is stalking? There are certain principles and guidelines of stalking, but to say exactly what it is, hardly anyone can. Unfortunately, at this point in Castaneda's books, there are sizable gaps. But hints and general considerations in the context of the totality and the warrior's way more than enough to figure it out yourself. Like a light contours of the picture sketched by Castaneda that every dorisovyvat himself.

Coral Castle

The mechanism of the stupa was so simple that even at the level of development of civilization, has been available for use and repair "ignorant, lonely, unhappy old woman." Another example is likely much linguistic than historical: Potter and the Sorcerer. Word "Potter", formed from two words "persecute" and "enchantment." We have such people were called artisans that make vessels of clay. "Wizard" – "spell making." We have the word denotes the element of water wizard. But what made pottery Products: spinning round a table and pouring water all the time, the clay, the potter making a vessel, and sang with the spell. In some texts, the Bible about the Ark of the Covenant is mentioned certain device giving "manna heavenly.

" Intriguing is the device to its description: "… the skull, in which the two skulls, one above the other and one inside the other …" To understand what we mean, consider that in the era of the lack of geometric terminology, each people called or that the geometrical shape of the object name of the most common. The Slavs called spherical shape with apples, the Middle East (Jews) – skulls. Actually, the reference in text skull – is nothing like a ball. Now let's think: as a ball can be above the other, and one inside the other? It is very difficult to imagine, but if you parse it as an example of our resonator, we all get on place. In other words, these skulls represent no balls, and fluid in motion, and when they stop we get one fluid over another, and one inside the other. It should be noted that such obvious signs of separation can only be a fluids with significant differences in density.

In fact, we again have a mechanism that will come into resonance with the earth's field or a similar facility. Our contemporary, Edward Lidskalninsh, managed to build a multi-ton "Coral Castle" without a single modern lifting equipment. His record still can not decipher the scientists. Incidentally, the record deal Lidskalninsha resonance and model of the atom. When dealing with gravitational Edward generator must be oriented relative to the electromagnetic field created by the Earth's poles. What is said and accurate index of the North Star. (And how many such examples are scattered around the world – Culture megaliths). So, why is the "direct knowledge" were used throughout human history, modern science is shedding? But the fact is that even Niels Bohr, offering a planetary model of the atom, warned that he does not know as actually constructed atom! And for simplicity, have decided to use the planetary model (although it is not true). His followers took his model as the only true, and that entailed a lot of mistakes … Now imagine that human civilization does not discard the knowledge of the Earth's gravitational field, and uses it. In this case, the reality may transcend all fantasy fiction, and many of the secrets and mysteries of the human civilization will find their the only true solution.