The children play happy around besiege of it That as much likes that as much loves Souvenirs there had been of children who today Feel homesicknesses of the place that they played Where the sun was born and if it hid Where birds flied and sang Where fruits fall of the trees Where it had tranquillity Where the rooster sang and the hens cacarejavam Where the joy lived Where only it heard the racket of the laugh and the racket of waters Where dreams lived and that one day The children had been to play for another place Souvenirs had been even so together with who if it was the sun is born far from who to the way every day the Birds well they sing and they cry of sadness the fruits apodreceram and nobody the handle the tranquillity broke the roosters and the hens if they had run away and nor they sing and nor they cacarejam the joy it created wing and it was even so the laugh had been even so with the winds and the water dried the dreams had changed of address author: fermiano karina Dos Santos gratantidos copyrights for@protectionofpoetry