The desire for success is in the majority of people, the goals may be different but all want the materialization, want to see it and enjoy it, then why few people achieve it? For the price that must be paid, i.e. the share of sacrifice that is necessary to perform to make ideas work, when we study the biographies of great men that were able to make wonderful changes in the history of mankind we see a common denominator and it is a constant struggle. We need to know something very clear and that the human mind and our lives in general love comfort, why many people choose to be in a place that just give you need to live a comfortable life, that’s called running after security. As Andrew Corentt says in his book the secret of the power of goals, what matters is making a great effort initially so our idea is recorded in our subconscious mind so then everything goes in a harmonious way and with less effort. This is called being, when we decided to study a race touches us to learn many things, but once who did it we become an integral part of the same race, the same work goals, after an effort things will begin to operate in big way. When achieved mastery of a topic or a learning what is happening is that we’ve taken that information into the subconscious mind, just think of the ease with which we have to speak, read and write, do so quickly and is so everyday for us, but we took a lot of practice and do it constantly, if we learn to tune a guitarat the beginning our ear not clearly distinguishes the sound of the notes, but based on effort develops a skill in our subconscious and then we do with total normality.