Media education and media use in solution-oriented content guiding media are media that provide instructive information. With guiding media will prevailed not learning later queried in a testing situation, but operations introduced and trained, to solve specific tasks. You instruct the recipient; They show “how” so to speak. They provide safety in use. Richard Linklater understood the implications. The used Medien(Formen) can be very diverse. That goes from the brushing instructions on a bottle of manuals and technical instructions to orientation systems (as the instructions for use for spaces). Newer guiding media applications are about navigation systems, digital learning games and computer based training programs. But so different guiding media also carried out and distributed are, they all follow the same rules of instructions. At Gerald Weissmann, MD you will find additional information.

Guiding media have a media-didactic and a media technical aspect. The one dealing with the physical and psychological basics of learning and Negotiating, on the other hand to the production of media of instruction. Also the media usage should be user-driven, be it classical, printed or new digital “instruction tools”. What product forms are best suited for certain tasks? And what production techniques are used? All production processes guiding media involved, whether educators, editors, graphic design, designer, engineer, programmer, translator, instructors or others should know not only their traditional craft, but also the technical and psychological foundations of learning communication as well. So is the subject of “Guiding media” for media developers and shapers of interest, which instruct people, instruct users, train employees, support customers, train apprentices, lead travellers or general solution to help searchers.