/ The mountain is crowned by dozens of statues of the tomb of King Antiochus. Statues, carved in limestone, there are only heads of Antiochus and several deities with animal forms. The sculptures will be transferred to a museum to prevent deterioration by weather conditions and tourists. Mount Nemrut, to the southeast of Turkey, is little more than 2,000 metres tall. What makes it unique are the statues belonging to a tomb of the 1st century before Christ, who is at the top. In this place it is believed that the tomb of Antiochus is. In the first century before Christ, the King Antioco I de Commagene decided to establish a new religion based on various creeds Persian and Hellenistic, mixed with the cult to the own monarch and his family.

Why it lifted colossal sculptures on this mountain. The heads of Antiochus the archaeological remains, considered world heritage by Unesco, were excavated in 1881 by German engineer Charles Sester and although the exact site of the burial has not been found, was Yes discovered the fine sculptures. However, is still believed that it is the place of burial of the King. These statues were seated and with the names of each God inscribed on them. Now, the heads of the statues are scattered on the ground and not in its original location. They have suffered damages with the passage of the centuries due to the weather conditions, earthquakes and visited by thousands of visitors each year, because it is one of the tourist symbols of Turkey, statues, carved in limestone and of which only are heads of Antiochus and several deities with animal forms. A museum to protect statues in general, tourists visiting Nemrut from June to August. Does the nearby city of Ad? yaman is a usual place for travel by car or bus to the site, being also possible access by helicopter.

Currently, the statues are not in its original position. Tourist visits and climatic conditions (Mount Nemrut is located in an area of cold temperatures in winter, up to 40 degrees below zero, and very hot in) summer) have eroded the statues. For all this are going to be transferred to a museum. The idea is to move the sculptures to a Museum and place a few copies in the mountain. Therefore, anyone who wants to see the original in its original location should hurry and already travel to mount Nemrut. Source of the news: in Turkey, to the monumental sculptures of Mount Nemrut