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Barry Schwartz gives a reference to discuss the selection priority entries in the robots.txt search engine robots. I've always wondered how you can make such a diverse and fanciful bugs in such a simple file exceptions to the clear and unambiguous format. It is possible, of course, the sin of the large number of extensions, which adds to the standard of every major system is widely known in narrow circles of the robot names: Google, Yahoo, msn, Yandex. But in this case and questions about the robots.txt would arise primarily is Extensions. We return to the priorities.

As is known, the entries in robots.txt separated by blank lines, with each entry – an instruction to one or more robots. Suppose we have the following contents of the file exception: User-agent: * Disallow: / dir / file User-agent: Yandex Disallow: / Reports User-agent: Googlebot Disallow: / users Allow: / best-page.html question was, what directives in this case will be guided by the robot of Google, which for him would be prohibited? You would think that the robot will stumble in the first place on the section for all the robots and namely its rules to take into consideration. This is an incorrect assumption. Robot when parsing the file works like the following algorithm: Gets the full file Allocates the file the correct section Wants 'their' section if its section is found to take the leadership of its instructions. If your partition is not found, looking for a section for all robots if found section for all the robots, takes to the leadership of its instructions If the total section was not found robot believes that can be indexed without exception. Hence, make several conclusions: The order of sections in the file does not matter. If it is found 'own section', then the robot will be guided only by her instructions, ignoring all the rest, so in our example the robot is absolutely fair to Google to index / dir / file. Lack of general sections – to allow robots to index the entire site, not mentioned in any section.

Site RSS

So, imagine that your dream – to have your own website on the Internet – was realized. You typed the address into the browser address bar and admire them. But if your goals are at least slightly different from the simple contemplation work done, then you should know – it's not all. The main work still lies ahead. The most common types of sites – it's information and marketing. Promotion of certain goods or services is the goal of selling sites, and the problem of information – publication on the pages of interesting material for the reader or news. But who will be able to use your services and to read the posted publication of your site if only you know and few intimate friends? Web site promotion – a very important stage in the work of the webmaster who wishes to receive dividends from the effort and money spent on building your own site. How to promote the site yourself? The most the first thing to do – is well prepared to meet your site users.

What does this mean? Fill it up with a competent and interesting content, as well as make the site suitable and attractive for visitors – A simple interface and put plug-ins. Thanks to the good surface preparation, site promotion receives a greater effect – as well as grain and gives a greater yield on fertile soil. Check-in search engines (Yahoo, Yandex, Google) – the next stage of optimization. That is not difficult, and filling the registration form only takes a few minutes. How to promote website in search engines? Assist in optimizing capable of another major operation – adding a news feed Site RSS aggregators. It serves two very useful features. The first function: RSS aggregators tell search engines that the site, new materials, which allows faster than its index. The second function: the announcement news with its target audience reads that on your website can click on the link.

Another way to successful website optimization – registration in catalogs. It allows you to multiply the external links on a site that will provide an additional influx of visitors. Before registration site in directories (Dmoz, Mail.Ru, etc.) must be chosen search phrases or words on which you would be able to find. Besides these above methods, there are many other methods of promotion – it's promotion of the use of contextual advertising, selling / buying links to your site, article directories, etc. Each of these methods can be effective if engage them in earnest. But for the most effective site promotion, you need to use several of them. What is a contextual advertising? It is a certain kind of advertising on web pages, content which coincides with its theme. It can be as graphic – in the form of banner and text – in the form of ads. This type of advertising is intended solely for users with similar interests, which at times increases transition probability for sites with similar themes. The following method of optimizing the website – adding articles with keywords in directories – allows you to place unlimited number of links on your site. It does not cause 'Discontent' search engines, and high-quality, good articles will increase the popularity of your site. As a result, you will be able to earn much-needed respect and authority, and get your custom audience.

Increasing PR

I've been working on the Internet, namely to promote the site. And today I want to tell you about how to raise the PR of your site. . . . .

Hello dear friends, today I want to tell you how to increase the Page Rank site, and thereby promote and unleash your site. Let's begin. . . . . .

Many webmasters are asking themselves the question: 'How to increase the PR site?'. In fact, up to 2 PR no. so hard. . . . . . You only need to do the right and relink to register multiple directories and all. . . . . . . But to get a PR. more than two you need a good reference weight and perform only a few of my tips. . . . . . Firstly, your site design should be friendly for search engines. Second, add your site to Google, Yandex, Yahoo, DMOZ, and in many different. directories. Now. you need to share. links with sites. in which the PR is greater than 2. You should. exchange with about 5-10 of these sites. Then buy a cross-cutting links to sites which PR 5-6. . . . . So 1-2 PageRank update you will get at least PR3. And with such indicators you can easily sell links from your site and buy links from other websites thus increasing your PR. and income. . . . . There are many sites that are ready to sell cross-referencing. So ischite and you are sure. find. That's it. I think you will benefit from this collection. I wish you success in adding articles. in directories. . . . . We regularly add new sites to our database, finding them on the links to Web pages. You can tell us about a new site using this form. It suffices to add the URL of the home page and other pages will be found automatically. . . . . . . . Programlesson.net. . . .