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Miguel Dominguez

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Helen Keller

If you have reached some degree of success with the conscious use of the law of attraction or my famous exercises thrive playing but you’ve failed to express large sums of money perhaps is that you fear of success. Many people put goals, read, study and strives to achieve its objectives but they are closer to their goal they begin to falter because it is not easy to stand out, let the tribe, let belong to the vast majority who don’t have money, who complains, that has failed, which has proven that everything is difficult and impossible. I realize that many of my coaching clients have an unconscious fear success that restrains them to give the final jump in fulfilling what they have dreamed of. They start doing their exercises to the letter as the plan that I have proposed them, spend the first few weeks and sent me emails telling me all small and large by all sides, more money, sales demonstrations, more customers, offers for travel, for new projects, and so on. Everything seems to be working perfectly but when they begin to move closer to their goal they return back to their comfort zone or to her former personality, begin to oscillate between the new way of being and the old paradigm. All this makes sure the person is standing at a certain level and again at the same economic level before on many occasions. In this article I will share a very efficient technique which I have given them to my coaching clients and that prompted them to a new level of success since he dissolved some very powerful impediments and rerouted to other even more great goals: step #1 think of that did you feel successful with something, may be something very simple as getting something you want or learning something newdescribe it in the space below: Step #2 while you think this image of past successes repeats the following statements: * when no changes my life becomes boring, the changes make me feel alive and I want to live my life to the fullest. ** Life is a crazy adventure, or nothing at all, Helen Keller said that had many reasons to fear change and could still see that truth.

* I am happy with this adventure of life came here to experience life in the new paradigm and be my maximum version of success and prosperity! ** Not imagine having lived my life without the changes that have occurred in the way and at a time atemorizaban me. * These changes feared now became my greatest joy and my satisfaction adventure of life and my pride and my expansion. * Everytime I hug change expando me a little more. ** Change means growth, expansion and success and I know that I’ve been preparing for success, for that reason is that I triunfare and I am confident in this process I want all that the universe has given me!. -Did you like this article?